Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – New & Returning Perks

Perks are unique and essential parts of CoD’s player loadout. Like every other CoD title, MW2 will also be getting a perks system. Here are all the confirmed new and returning perks coming to the most anticipated title of 2022.

CoD MW2 is the most awaited title of 2022, with fans excited about the prospect of the ambitious sequel. Although players eagerly await the campaign, the primary source of the hype train is the multiplayer mode.

Like many other features, the perks system has been a unique part of CoD multiplayer modes. It allows players to enhance their loadouts according to their preferences, giving players extra abilities to work with.

Community beloved data miner and reliable leaker named RealityUK was able to get a peek at the new and returning perks of MW2. He shared a list of perks present in the game files in a now-deleted tweet. His account has since been suspended on the terms of DMCA violation.

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Returning Perks

According to RealityUK, 18 perks from MW (2019) will make a grand return to MW2. Almost all of them will function the same way as before, except a few perks will be revamped. Among them, Amped perk will go through a significant change.

Amped allowed players to switch their guns rapidly in MW. However, in MW2, this perk will make the weapon reload speed and equipment use speed faster. From the sound of it, it seems like Amped will be an upgraded version of the Sleight of Hand perk.

Here’s a complete list of all the perks making a return in MW2:

  1. Restock
  2. Scavenger
  3. Shrapnel
  4. Spotter
  5. Tracker
  6. Tune-Up
  7. Focus
  8. Double Time
  9. E.O.D.
  10. Ghost
  11. Hardline
  12. High Alert
  13. Kill Chain
  14. Overkill
  15. Quick Fix
  16. Amped
  17. Battle Hardened
  18. Cold Blooded

Brand New Perks

RealityUK’s now-deleted tweet suggested that MW2 will feature 5 brand new perks. However, the use and description of these perks are not available yet. The new perks’ and their functions might be more evident after the beta is released, allowing data miners to get a better insight.

Here are the five new perks in MW2:

  1. Survivor
  2. Extra Tactical
  3. Pitcher
  4. Overcharge
  5. Overwatch

Take it with a grain of salt, as these are leaks from the game files. Also, the perks might get repolished with the game’s final release. Stay frosty and check out our Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer leaks to get a better look at the most awaited title of this year.

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