Bloons TD 6 Prime Gaming Reward (November 2023)

Rafeed SultanMuhibul Alam Chowdhury
By Rafeed Sultan Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Credits: Ninja Kiwi

Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming the Bloons TD 6 Prime Gaming reward.

Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game that Ninja Kiwi released. Bloons are back with their sixth entry, and it’s even better. Undoubtedly, this has met our expectations of crafting a perfect defense of robust monkey towers with fresh new upgrades, heroes, and activated abilities.

The gaming content is updated monthly, providing players with a new zest of experience. Moreover, Bloons TD 6 is a relatively vibrant and colorful game, so getting bored with the visual is kind of impossible.

Hence, Prime Gaming partnered with Bloons TD 6, allowing subscribed Prime Gaming users to explore amazing goodies every month!

Amazon Prime subscriptions give you the option to claim the Prime gaming rewards. Now let’s dive into what Bloons TD 6 Prime Gaming Rewards has to offer:

What is Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming provides a monthly subscription with clustered goodies in one package.
This contains rare items, tokens to download free games, and access to Twitch.TV without ad interfering. Moreover, it comes with other cool stuff like fast shipping, movies, and TV shows.

Bloons TD 6 Prime Gaming Reward (November 2023)

Bloons TD 6 Prime Gaming Reward (November 2023)
Credit: Ninja Kiwi

The amazing new Prime Gaming Reward loot is available from November 15, 2023, and will expire on December 16, 2023.

The No Monkeys Insta Pack includes:

  • Blade Shooter
  • MOAB Mauler
  • Monkey Intelligence Bureau
  • Monkey Bank

To get the Bloons TD 6 rewards, you need to follow certain steps:

To link your Amazon and Twitch accounts, go to Prime Gaming and do one of the following:

  • If you’re already a Prime member
    • Visit the Prime Gaming Website.
    • Sign in to your Prime Gaming account with an active subscription.
    • Search and select Bloons TD 6.
    • Click on the “Link Account” button under the Linked Game Accounts section.
    • Visit Amazon’s Linked Accounts page.
    • Click on Manage.
    • Click on the “Link Account” and then select Ninja Kiwi account.
    • Then select “Link Ninja Kiwi account.”
    • Lastly, put in your Ninja Kiwi info.

How To Claim The Reward

You must require an active Amazon Prime subscription to grab these rewards. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take part in this promotion.

If you’re all sorted on the Prime end, here’s how to pick your rewards:

  1. Visit the Prime Gaming website.
  2. Search  Bloons TD 6.
  3. Click ‘Get-in-game-content‘ on your reward.
  4. Sign in with your Prime Account, then choose ‘Claim’ again.
  5. Boot up Bloons TD6
  6. Redeem your rewards.
  7. Interact with your new items to use them, and ENJOY!

When Will Prime Gaming Reward Drop Next?

The next drop will be on December 16, 2023. Stay tuned to our Website for the latest news.

Rafeed Sultan is a Guide writer at GameRiv.
Muhibul Alam Chowdhury is a Guide writer at GameRiv.