Bizarre Green Screen Bug in VALORANT won’t allow players to get normal POV

VALORANT Players have reported the presence of a new bug linked to Skye & her abilities. Even with a low reproduction rate, this bug is ruining competitive matches. 

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In order to bring changes to VALORANT’s playstyle, RIOT introduced Skye back in early November. As an initiator agent, Skye’s primary responsibility is to fracture enemy defensive positions and force them out of specific locations. However, Skye has been a subject of debate since the beginning.

Recently, the VALORANT community noticed something unusual about Skye. According to some players, a bug is repeatedly flooding their POV with a Green hue. Most importantly, there are no manual trigger sequences for this bug.

Skye’s signature ability, “Guiding Lights” is primarily responsible for triggering this bug. In some instances, utilizing her other abilities also summoned the Green hue. Besides that, simply dying mid-game would enable the bug to take over the entire POV.

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Developers at RIOT Games are receiving complaints about Skye’s seemingly overpowered abilities. Skye’s probability of getting nerfed can’t be neglected since RIOT has frequently listened to community feedback. However, official sources from RIOT is yet to notice this bug. Once acknowledged, this bug should be fixed without any delay.


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