All Ceremonial Weapon Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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We detail how and where to find all three Ceremonial Weapons in the Rosymorn Monastery of Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3 is a massive game with a ton of content to experience. The dice rolls really randomize the game and can alter the storyline and quest progress. Larian Studios has done an excellent job of diversifying the game in such a way that playthroughs are usually different.

The game also has a lot of puzzles and nice loot. We talked about the Dank Crypt Puzzle a while back, and more stuff is coming. One of the biggest puzzles of the game is getting the Blood of Lathander in the Rosymorn Monastery.

To do this, you need all three Ceremonial Weapons that can be found across the area. So, let’s talk about how and where you can get the Ceremonial Weapons in BG3.

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The Ceremonial Weapons in BG3

Three Ceremonial Weapons are available for grabs, and you need them to do the Rosymorn Monastery Puzzle. You can find all of the weapons in and around the Monastery. Here is where you find all the Ceremonial Weapons one by one.

Ceremonial Mace

The Ceremonial Mace can be found in the Rosymorn Monastery at the coordinates X:43 and Y:30. That room is a wine cellar and is filled with some pretty angry Kobolds. So proceed with caution and deal with them safely. After the battle, loot the Kobold Looter, which will get you the Ceremonial Mace.

Ceremonial Warhammer

To find the Ceremonial Warhammer, you must go to the Roof of the Monastery at around X:76 and Y:42. You will find the Warhammer on the floor, but do not pick it up. Picking it up will anger some giant Eagles.

There are several ways to go about this process. If you have the quest from the Blue Jay, you just want to kill the Eagles. Killing them and then taking the Ceremonial Warhammer is pretty easy work.

Other ways to take the Warhammer is more tricky. You could use Mage Hand to slowly drag the Warhammer off the roof to take out of the vision of the Eagles. Keeping your party mostly out of vision can do wonders. The Eagle does attack the Mage Hand, by the way.

You could also try to talk to the Eagle and placate them so that they don’t attack you if you interact with the Warhammer. Do not pick up the Warhammer, as it will cause a fight regardless of whether you use Darkness and such. Moving the Warhammer along the ground also decreases your attitude toward the Eagles.

Depending on how you handle this, you will get the Ceremonial Warhammer the mean way or the tricky way.

Ceremonial Battleaxe

Finally, we have the Ceremonial Battleaxe in a room with an inert Guardian. To go to this room, first, you must unlock the Enchanted Door on the Monastery’s first floor around X:94 and Y:87. This Door is immune to damage and many effects. Thus, you must lockpick it and ensure you use all of your buffs (Guidance).

Once you unlock the Door, you will see that it is blocked halfway by some furniture. From here, you can either enter the room by destroying the furniture or pick up the Ceremonial Battle from the ground. However, this triggers a fight with the Guardian, and you have to kill it.

There are ways to cheese this fight: you can attack the Guardian and start the battle in advance. So, there are many ways to deal with this situation so that you will get the Ceremonial Battleaxe from said room.

Thus, this is how you get all the Ceremonial Weapons and where you can find them.

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