Beyond Gaming’s Mid Laner, Maoan, Suspended for Leaking Picks/Bans

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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After the huge series win for Beyond Gaming against Galatasaray Esports, their mid laner, Maoan, has been suspended for Worlds 2021.

Beyond Gaming won a sensation series earlier today with a reverse sweep against Galatasaray Esports. While the PCS fans rejoice, trouble stirred in the background. After the series, rumors started floating that Chien “Maoan” Mao-An, BYG’s mid laner, was leaking picks and bans for betting purposes. Here is what we know about it.

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After the series ended, rumors started floating around about Maoan leaking picks and bans to a friend. According to the rumors, BYG’s owner, Dinter, went on stream and publicly said that Maoan was going to be fired ahead of tomorrow’s series against Hanwha Life Esports for a Groups Stage Spot. The incident was later validated by a PCS host.

As that eluded, BYG does not have a sub mid laner, hence earlier today, the state of the team was in turmoil. A few moments ago, Riot has announced their ruling for the situation for the time being.

As the tweet from LoL Esports said, Maoan has been suspended for the rest of Worlds 2021. They are doing a full investigation in order to determine the extent of the violation and will be subject to more punishments if any new information is revealed.

There are also additional rumors that more people on the team may have been involved with this incident. No information has come out to confirm that, so we cannot say whether that is true. Regardless, this is a situation that is in a state of disarray as the team is set to face off against HLE for the main event at Worlds 2021.

What Happens To Beyond Gaming Now?

Riot has not issued a statement on whether BYG is going to be punished or not. Based on that, signs are pointing to BYG playing against HLE tomorrow without their mid laner. Sadly, they do not have a sub mid laner with them, so they will have to role swap a player to accommodate for the vacancy. Thus, this put Beyond Gaming in a tough spot and morale is likely lost on the team. Let’s hope Riot can resolve the issue quickly and provide us with more information as they investigate the situation. It was already an uphill battle for BYG to win tomorrow but this make it really hard for them to achieve a spot at Worlds Groups Stage.

Thus, wrapping up the article, this is an incident that has now derailed BYG’s chances for the remainder of Worlds 2021. Now, they have to come in with a role swapped mid laner and hope that gives them a semblance of a chance to beat HLE tomorrow. With very less time left, they are stuck in a bad situation and this puts a damper into what could have potentially been a good series tomorrow.

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