Best ways to get free Doubloons in World of Warships

Wondering how to get free Doubloons in World of Warships? Don’t worry! Here you will find out the best ways to earn Doubloons for free in World of Warships.

All the World of Warships enthusiasts realizes how valuable and helpful Doubloons can be. They can significantly up your game as they allow you to: 

  • purchase premium account time
  • purchase premium ships
  • get credits
  • exchange experience points to free XP
  • demount ship Upgrades

The most common way to get them is to simply select bundles within the shop. 

However, it is good to know that there are other ways to get Doubloons for free. Either by playing or doing chores. So let’s look closer at 4 of the best ways.

1. Super container way

Doubloons can be a reward from a super container. They are a special type of containers holding much more value and better content than standard ones. Only 1,5% of all containers are super containers, but it is worthwhile to try to get them. 

A super container can reward you with : 

  • 1000, 2500 or even 5000 Doubloons
  • 100 standard signals
  • 25, 50, or 100 special signals
  • 15,000 coal or 1,500 steel
  • 50,000 or 100,000 free XP
  • a premium ship

Obviously, the more valuable an item, the less probable it will occur. 

Nevertheless, such rewards are beneficial so it is worthwhile to try to get a super container. In order to double your chance of getting it, you can go for the “try your luck” choice.

2. Special missions way 

Doubloons can also be a prize in specific missions. Especially if they occur during special events. 

Usually, during such events, players are invited to complete daily missions in Ranked or Random battles. Missions change every 24 hours, so you can get a reward every day. 

Apart from Doubloons, you can also get upgrades, signal flags, or a new ship.

3. Ranked battles 

Ranked battles are another method of getting free Doubloons. 

They are a PvP game mode (Player vs. Player) in which two teams consisting of 7 players compete against each other. Each battle ends with one team being rewarded with a star and moved to the next rank and the other team losing a star and being deranked. 

The most precious rewards come when you: 

  • reach rank 1 (the highest one) or
  • qualify for the next league (Bronze is the lowest one and Gold the highest). 

The higher the league, the more valuable prizes. 

Apart from getting free Doubloons, you can also be rewarded with steel, ranked tokens, or expendable camouflages. 

In order to win battles, it is important to prioritize teamwork and adopt a sound strategy that all the team members will follow.

4. Millionpugs way 

The last way of getting free Doubloons is a special one as it doesn’t require you to play, but to do shopping. Not even within the World of Warships, but in real life. 

MillionPugs is a new cashback platform that allows you to get content to World of Warships when you do groceries or order a pizza. All you need to do is to create an account and install the Millionpugs browser extension. 

Once you find yourself in a store, the extension will send you a notification “This brand loves gamers.” It is also good to look at the stores and deals available as some of them are available online, so you don’t even need to leave your home.  

Summing up, there are easy ways to get free Doubloons either by using super containers, participating in special events completing daily missions, competing in Ranked battles, or even by doing shopping or ordering pizza using Millionpugs platform.

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