Best Prisoner Builds in Elden Ring: Weapons, Armor Sets, and More

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By Abu Bakar Karim
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Roaming in the Wretched Dominion

In this guide, let me show you the best Prisoner builds in Elden Ring.

Remember the times in the good ol’ Souls games where half of the day would have just passed behind character customization? Things might have changed in Elden Ring, but time might have remained the same. Based on Elden Ring’s difficulty curve, there are several classes you can choose from to carry on with your journey in this wretched dominion.

Again, classes can differ on whether you are in PvP mode or the boss-fight mode. Other than this, classes really do not matter. Not like there are items exclusive to only certain classes. But if you feel like using magic in the midst of melee attacks, this prisoner guide is definitely for you.

Before going into depth about this masked prisoner, I would suggest you go through my Warrior and Hero builds to get a complete idea of with whom to start the journey.

Prisoner Class Stats

Prisoner class is more like an Assassin class. You hide in the shadows to avoid the guards’ eyes, just like escaping an actual prison. This class is built on hybrid magic with melee attacks that focus on foot combat and mounted combat. And a splash of spells to finish off.

Prisoner Class Starting Stats

  • Intelligence: 14
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Mind: 12
  • Weapon: Estoc, Glinstone Staff
  • Spell: Magic Glintblade
  • Shield: Rift Shield
  • Armor: Prisoner set
best prisoner builds elden ring
Prisoner Class

Why you should play Warrior Class in Elden Ring?

As you can see from the attributes, with the highest stat in Dexterity and Intelligence, you can make a good fortune by using sorceries rather than incantations. Weapons of best choices will be based upon weapons that scale with Dexterity as well. Moreover, the focus point pool will be more prominent as the Mind stat is comparatively higher than some classes.

We can already guess that his class focuses on stealth as well as strategy; thus, to veterans, this class has a higher choice rate. Let me give you some of the best builds for Prisoner class in Elden Ring.

best prisoner builds elden ring
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Best Prisoner Builds in Elden Ring

Here are the two best Prisoner builds in Elden Ring.

Prisoner Class Spellblade Build

Primary Stats:

  • Intelligence, Dexterity

Secondary Stats:

  • Vigor, Mind

Armor set:

  • Sage Set: Light-weight armor with light-resistant overall.
  • Errant Sorcerer Set: Light-weight armor with high vitality


  • Crystal Knife: Scaling is depended on Dexterity. With Quickstep, player have an advantage.
  • Demi-Human Queen’s Staff: A basic Glindstone Staff. For striking enemies within range.


  • Heater Shield: A medium-sized metal shield. Can negate physical damage while guarding.


  • Scholar’s Armament: Has a magic-affinity attack and can be casted while in motion.

This build is primarily for ranged attacks and thrust attacks with the Estoc. As magic will be used frequently, there should be an even split between HP and FP. Dodging the enemy rather than parrying or guarding with the shield should be prioritized. You will want to save up your stamina in this build.

Prisoner Class Enchanted Knight Build

Primary Stats:

  • Intelligence, Vigor

Secondary Stats:

  • Mind, Endurance

Armor set:

  • Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set: Provides resistance against all attacks and negative status along with moderate defense against magic.


  • Rogier’s Rapier: This one is a superior piercing sword that requires high Dexterity. It can bring out a flowing effect after a cascade of successive attacks.


  • Blue-Gold Kite Shield: A solid build for agility and parrying.


  • Carian Slicer: Summons a sword for sweeping slash attack, can be used again without delay.
  • Carian Piercer: Summons a greatsword that thrusts forward.
  • Swift Glinstone Shard: Launches magical projectiles and can be sent another one without delay.

This build is focused on close-ranged melee attacks. A buff with the Kite shield will use less stamina while you need to block. That will allow you to pierce with the Rogler’s Rapier. The spells work great against flying foes.

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