Best Nations For Planes in War Thunder 2021: Ranking from Worst to Best

Find out which Nations have the best planes in War of Thunder as of 2021.

War Thunder is Gaijin Entertainment’s vehicular combat simulation game for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S. The game lets you test your battle skills on the ground, sea, and air through vehicle options for Ground, Aviation, and Fleet.

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Among those, we will be specifically focusing on which nations have the best range of aircraft in War Thunder as of 2021. In this guide, we will be listing down all Nations available to choose aircraft from, and listing those nations into tiers.

All Plane Nations in War Thunder

As of 2021, there are a total of 10 Nations in the Aviation category for players to choose their planes from. However, this list may be subject to change with the addition of new nations in the future.


The United States of America has a whopping 154 aircraft under its belt, with almost all of them carrying 50 caliber or 12.7mm machine guns and missiles. Their aircraft lineup is pretty powerful, especially for later ranks – given you can take down other planes with them in seconds. However, their selection of aircraft in the earlier ranks can be a little underwhelming in terms of power. Moreover, their aircraft fall a little behind those of the Germans’ when it comes to climbing rates. Still, they are pretty good for providing close air support and destroying enemy bases from the air.


Germans are pure energy fighters, with a great selection of jets even in early ranks. Not to mention, the German planes come with Canons. For example, with the BF 109, you get different canon modifications, including 13mm machine guns that you will be equipped with at all times. Furthermore, you’ll also get gun pods. German planes are great for Boom and Zoom tactics.


The Soviet Union might be the way to go if you are looking for good starting planes in the early game. They have some of the best low-altitude fighter planes, ground attackers, and medium to heavy bombers. However, you will not have much luck with large aircraft in this tech tree. Although, that won’t limit your ammunition carrying capacity. The only real downside is that the Russian planes will not stand much chance against Spitfires.

Great Britain

There are a total of 127 planes in Great Britain’s tech tree. Moreover, UK’s tech tree offers Spitfires, which are one of the hardest hitters you’ll find in War Thunder. The spitfires are a force to be reckoned with. However, trying to climb with these bad boys can overheat your engines, so you need to be careful and pace yourself. They are quite easy to play but will require you to make informed choices, as the bomber line can be quite expensive yet disappointing. In short, although powerful, they’re not ideal for new players.


Japanese planes are one of the best for out-turning your enemies as these bad boys are lightweight and also great climbers. However, they will lose out against jets with good top speeds. That being said, trying to out-turn German or American planes is not recommended. They are agile but fragile. Although the Japanese pack light, you will find some planes with moderate cannons and machine guns.


China’s tech tree lineup is a mix of all the other countries like the USA, USSR, and Japan. They’re either borrowed or captured from the other countries, given they issued a lend-lease during World War II which allows them to borrow planes from countries like the US and Russia. That being said, China is a great choice if you have trouble picking a country.


Italian aircraft are a force to be reckoned with. The most popular player choice is the G.55S under the premium vehicle category. The Italian planes will out-turn you, and are great for not only close air support but also come equipped with devastating damage-dealing canons. They are great in mixed battles and will dominate air battles. If you’re in a slow plane, you do not want to cross 4th to 6th rank Italian planes as they will outright annihilate you.


The French lineup is kind of underwhelming in the sense that they’re mostly borrowed from the US, so you’re not really getting anything different that sets it apart from the rest. They are geared towards Boom and Zoom tactics, with a Bomber line that is basic at best. Planes such as the Potez 631 do carry both Machine guns and canons, so they’re not entirely bad either.


Sweden has a good lineup of aircraft, such as the A21-A3 and J21A-2 that can out-turn you easily. However, this nation lacks aircraft that are good for close air support. Moreover, their starting lineup is just not that great when it comes to firepower. Furthermore, the cost of repairs for 4th rank planes and above can get really pricey. In short, Swedish planes are not beginner-friendly.


Israel was just added as part of War Thunder’s “Ground Breaking” update this year, which introduced two aircrafts such as the Spitfire LF Mk IXe and A-4E Skyhawk. Currently, not much is known about their battle performance.

Best Plane Nations in War Thunder (A Complete Tier List)

  • Best (S-tier) : Germany, USA
  • Good (A-tier) : USSR, Japan, UK, Italy
  • Average (B-tier) : France, China, Sweden

Germany has the best selection of energy fighter planes, especially in the BF109 series. Not to mention, they’re also a beginner-friendly nation to play as. If you play as Germany, you’ll find strong aircraft in almost every rank. Not only that, but with German planes, you will also get excellent close air support.

Moreover, they also have one of the best climb rates aside from Japan. You can also use the German planes to take down other planes in seconds with the help of your canons. The Fw-190A is also great as it can carry special ammunition that can bring down fighter planes. Not only that but it can also be used as a reliable bomber plane.

Next, we have the USA, which has the best range of fighter planes for providing close air support in mixed battles. Not to mention, their planes are the most durable of all other nations’. Meaning, you won’t have to empty your wallets in large repairs very often.

Moreover, their planes also come extremely well-armed, with almost all of them carrying machine guns and missiles. They absolutely dominate the air when it comes to sheer firepower. Just like Germany, the USA is also a beginner-friendly nation to play as.

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