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Choosing the right mouse sensitivity is one of the primary and most important parts of getting one step ahead of everyone else. So, here we’ll guide you through the whole process so that you can choose the best mouse sensitivity in VALORANT.

Riot Games first teased VALORANT in October 2019 with the code name Project A. After it became official, the game started closed beta testing on April 7, 2020, and received massive praise from the players who got to experience the game.

Riot Game’s previous experience with League of Legends helped them make a better competitive FPS game that could rival Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The developers didn’t put their effort just into making the gameplay satisfactory; they also introduced a lot of other things that made VALORANT stand out from other FPS titles.

For a tactical shooter like VALORANT, aiming skill is the most crucial factor that can separate you from the rest. So, it is very important to find the right mouse sensitivity where you will feel the most comfortable and efficient with your aim.

So, here we will discuss everything related to mouse sensitivity and give you general guidelines so that you can find the best mouse sensitivity for VALORANT.

What is Mouse Sensitivity?

Before we start discussing optimal mouse sensitivity, let’s first explain what mouse sensitivity actually is. Basically, mouse sensitivity is measured by how responsive your mouse cursor is depending on your mouse movement.

In short, mouse sensitivity refers to the movement of your cursor, pointer, or crosshair relative to your mouse movement. So, if you feel like your mouse cursor or crosshair moves faster compared to how much you are moving your mouse, then you have a high mouse sensitivity.

Similarly, if you think that your crosshair movement is slower than your mouse movement, then you have a low mouse sensitivity. But, for VALORANT, there are two other important terms that you need to understand. These are referred to as DPI and eDPI.

What is Mouse DPI?

DPI, or Dots Per Inch, refers to the distance your cursor travels when you move your mouse by an inch. In modern terms, it can also be referred to as PPI or Pixels Per Inch.

It also dictates how fast your mouse feels when you move your mouse in the game. In short, a higher DPI will make your mouse sensitivity higher.

What is eDPI in VALORANT?

eDPI is what dictates your actual mouse sensitivity for VALORANT. It is the final measurement of your actual mouse sensitivity that you feel while you are aiming in VALORANT. You might have noticed that your crosshair movement feels very different from others, even if you have the same in-game mouse sensitivity to them.

This is because of the eDPI, which means effective Dots Per Inch. You can find your VALORANT’s eDPI if you multiply your actual mouse DPI by in-game mouse sensitivity. For example, if you are currently using 800 DPI on your mouse and your in-game sensitivity is 0.4 then your eDPI is 320.

Which Mouse Sensitivity is Best for VALORANT?

We are finally getting to the part you were looking for. In FPS games like VALORANT and Counter-Strike 2, you will find many players who use high and low eDPI that they feel comfortable with. However, using either of these mouse settings has both pros and cons.

It is easier to make precise crosshair movements and track accurately with lower sensitivity. On the other hand, higher sensitivity can help you check corners faster and make flashy flicks comfortably. Average VALORANT pro players use 150 to 450 eDPI in the game.

Suggestions for High Sens Users

For high-sensitivity users, the 300 to 450 eDPI range is recommended. If you are good with wrist movement with your mouse, then this sensitivity range will help you make some crazy flicks with operators and clear the sharp corners very comfortably.

Suggestions for Low Sens Users

Now, for low-sens users, 150 to 300 eDPI is an optimal range. Keep in mind that with low eDPI, you will also need a big mousepad with a good amount of space on your computer desk. Otherwise, making those sharp hand movements might get trickier for you.

However, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes down to finding the VALORANT mouse sensitivity. The trick is to experiment with all of the sensitivity ranges in the shooting range and deathmatch game modes to determine the best sensitivity for VALORANT.

Top Pros Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Here, we’ll discuss the mouse sensitivity settings of some of the top pros that are out there right now in VALORANT so that you can get some inspiration from the best.


Image Via Sentinel

TenZ is considered one of the most talented players ever to touch VALORANT. TenZ uses a medium-high sensitivity to dominate his opponents in the game.

Mouse Sensitivity.3


Image Via twitter@ScreaM_

ScreaM is a former professional CS: GO player famous for his precise and accurate aim. He is a perfect example of a player who is indestructible with medium mouse sensitivity.

Mouse Sensitivity.741


Credit: Riot Games

Born in 1998, Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker is an American player who is playing VALORANT as a professional eSports player for Cloud9. His journey to the FPS competitive scene began with Call of Duty, but later, he switched to a more competitive scene in CS: GO. He is also known “El Diablo” in VALORANT.

Mouse Sensitivity.27


Credit: Riot Games

Born in 1993, Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan is a North American VALORANT eSports professional currently playing for G2 Esports. Formerly, he played CS:GO professionally for big organizations such as Cloud9, Optic Gaming, and Complexity.

Mouse Sensitivity.53


Image Via Liquipedia

Nivera is a Belgian player who currently plays for Team Liquid and is a former professional CS:GO player. He uses a considerably low mouse sensitivity.

Mouse Sensitivity.173

How to Change In-game Mouse Sensitivity in VALORANT?

Great! You learned about all the pros and cons of using high sensitivity vs. low sensitivity in VALORANT, and if you want to try our different sensitivity settings but don’t know how to actually change your sensitivity in the game, then this guide is for you.

How to change your in-game mouse sensitivity in VALORANT?
Credit: Riot Games VALORANT
  • Go to the Settings> General menu on the game, where you will find the “Mouse” option.
  • And the very first option is dedicated to mouse sensitivity.
  • Also, turn off “Invert Mouse Settings” and “Raw Input Buffer” from the game, as that may hinder your ability to aim well in the game consistently.

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