Best Mouse Sensitivity and Keybinds for The Finals

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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If you are looking for the best mouse sensitivity and keybinds for the Finals, then look no further, as we show you the best options available.

The Finals is a team-based first-person shooter developed by Nexon’s Embark Studios. It has finally been released worldwide on all platforms after a long period of beta testing. The arcade shooter takes players into a virtual arena where they fight against each other in different game modes.

Like every other FPS title out there, the Finals also focuses on gunfights alongside its roster of gadgets and abilities. However, optimal in-game mouse sensitivity and keybinds must be used to dominate gunfights. If you’re a new The Finals player, then here’s a look at the best mouse sensitivity and keybinds.

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What is the Best Mouse Sensitivity for The Finals?

In most FPS games, you will see a combination of low and high mouse sensitivity. Both of these sensitivities have their pros and cons. As the Finals is a fast-paced arena shooter, high mouse sensitivity is recommended.

While high sensitivity can take away aiming stability for long-range gunfights, low mouse sensitivity can make close-range gunfights a hassle. If you’re into flicking your opponents, then we suggest using high mouse sensitivity, and if you’re into crisp aiming, then low sensitivity is the way to go.

Suggestions for Low-Sensitivity Users

20-40 mouse sensitivity is recommended for low-sensitivity users. You can surely get aiming stability for medium to long-distance in this range. However, close-range engagements might require you to get more mousepad space to complete a 180 turn.

Suggestions for High-Sensitivity Users

For high-sensitivity users, we recommend 40-60 mouse sensitivity. The higher sensitivity will make close-range gunfights easier. However, for long-range combat, higher sensitivity might cause aiming stability issues.

Top Pros Mouse Sensitivity Settings

Since these pro players and streamers usually change their sensitivity settings depending on their mood, don’t take these numbers at face value. Check out their stream to get a bit more updated numbers. We’ll also keep an eye on changes related to their mouse settings as well.

SEN Aceu

Regarded as a legend in the FPS community, Aceu is playing the Finals, and it is safe to say he is easily dominating the game.

Finals Mouse Sensitivity Keybind Settings
Image via NRG
  • Mouse Look Sensitivity: 40 (800 DPI)
  • Mouse Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: 100 percent

XSET lyr1c

Lyric “lyr1c” Quinonez is a multiplatform FPS pro and content creator currently playing under XSET’s banner. He is a seasoned content creator dominating the virtual arena in the Finals.

Finals Mouse Sensitivity Keybind Settings
Image via esports marketing
  • Mouse Look Sensitivity: 60 (800 DPI)
  • Mouse Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: 100 percent

Best Keybinds for The Finals

Keybinds are essential to make quick in-game choices, such as swapping weapons using abilities or gadgets. So, assigning certain keybinds will make your utilization of gadgets easier. Head to in-game settings and scroll down under the Mouse and Keyboard tab, then assign these keybindings:

Gadget 12
Gadget 2Mouse Button 4
Gadget 3Mouse Button 5

While assigning these keybinds, make sure to put your most used or required gadgets in Gadget 2 and 3 slots, so swapping to them will be quicker as they remain assigned to the mouse’s side buttons. If you don’t want to assign them to the mouse, replace them with any button matching your comfort or style.

So, head over to the arena and experiment with your in-game mouse sensitivity and keybind settings to level up your playing style.

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