Best Knife Animations in CS:GO 2022

The best thing about the knives in CSGO that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars are the cool animations that come along with them. Here we will be ranking the knife animations in CS:GO from best to worst.

Knife skins are some of the most expensive weapon skins you can get, and a decent-looking one will set you back a few hundred dollars, and the best ones cost upwards of a thousand dollars. But with these expensive knives, not only will you get nicer-looking finishes, but you will also get different knives with unique animations.

With most other weapon skins being just a recolor of the original weapon, for knife skins, you can get different knives rather than the starting T and CT knives. These new knives come with their own looks, view models, and animations. There are 19 knives released in the game rather than the default ones, and each has different and unique animations. Although some knives, for example, the Gut knife and Huntsman knife, have the same animations, the knife itself is different. It offers a far different experience even with the same animations.

The main animations that come with these new knives are the equip animations or how the player model takes out the knife when you switch to it and the inspect animation, which can be viewed with the inspect action. The last ones are the primary and secondary attack animations, but they aren’t commonly seen because you won’t usually be getting that many chances to kill enemies with the knife, so those won’t be talked about much in this article. Also, Valve has included secret equip and inspect animations that look cooler than their default counterparts with some knives.

Best Knife Animations in CS:GO (A Complete Tier List)

TierKnife Animation
S-TierButterfly Knife, Karambit
A-TierTalon Knife, M9 Bayonet, Bayonet, Skeleton Knife
B-TierBowie Knife, Classic Knife, Flip Knife, Hunstman Knife, Shadow Daggers
C-TierNomad Knife, Survival Knife, Paracord Knife, Falchion knife, Stiletto knife, Ursus Knife, Gut Knife
D-TierDefault T and CT Knives, Navaja Knife
CSGO Desert Eagle skin Tierlist

So far, Valve has released 19 unique knife skins with hundreds of finishes, and here we will be ranking them based on their looks along with their animations. The main animations we will prioritize are the equip animation and inspect animation since you will be seeing those most of the time.

Also, some knives like the skeleton knife and falchion knife come with “secret” animations that feature a completely different animation during inspection or equipping. But they are random, and you cannot always get them consistently with all knives.

20 Best Knife Animations

Among all the Knives released in CS:GO so far, here are all of them ranked from worst to best and their equip and inspect animations rated.

20. Default T and CT Knives

Default T side knife
Default T side knife

The default CT and T knives are what everyone starts with, and they feature very basic equip and inspect animations and are nothing noteworthy.

19. Navaja Knife

Navaja Knife | Vanilla Via cakechievables

The Barber’s shear, the Navaja knife is the cheapest and the worst looking knife you can purchase in CS:GO. It has a very basic flip-out equip animation and the default inspect animation.

Equip Animation: 5/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

18. Survival Knife

Survival Knife | Vanilla Vanilla Via cakechievables

The potato peeler. The Survival knife looks like a heavy-duty modern knife with slightly altered equipment and inspect animations. This knife also has a secret inspect animation, which is so subtle most people might not even notice it in-game.

Equip Animation: 6/10

Inspect Animation: 6/10

17. Nomad Knife

Nomad Knife | Vanilla Via cakechievables

The Nomad Knife is one of the newer knives in CSGO with a modern look. The equip animation is the knife is flipped out by the blade with the off-hand before getting placed in the main hand. This animation is pretty unique, as well as it features a secret animation where the off-hand ends up getting pricked by the blade. The inspect animation is the default one, with the secret inspect being a slightly modified version.

Equip Animation: 6/10 (Default) 7/10 (Secret)

Inspect Animation: 6/10 (Default) 6.5/10 (Secret)

16. Paracord Knife

Paracord Knife | Vanilla Via cakechievables

The Paracord knife is one of the cooler-looking knives on this list, and it features a slick blade wrapped by paracord, as the name suggests. The default equip and inspect animations are okay, but the secret ones are cool. The secret equip features the knife being thrown from the off-hand to the main, and the secret inspect animation features it being tossed around sideways in the main hand.

Equip Animation: 6/10 (Default) 7.5/10 (Secret)

Inspect Animation: 6/10 (Default) 6.5 (Secret)

15. Falchion Knife

Falchion Knife | Vanilla Via cakechievables

The falchion knife is one of the older knives in CSGO, and at first look, it looks pretty bland. But as far as animations go, it does have its redeeming qualities. The equip animation is nothing to write home about, but it gets interesting when you look at the inspect animations. The default inspect rotates the knife in the hand 360 degrees which we found pretty cool. Also, this knife was one of the first ones to have a secret animation where the entire knife is balanced on the palm of the hand, which is still one of the best inspect animations released so far.

Equip Animation: 6/10

Inspect Animation: 7/10 (Default) 9/10 (Secret)

14. Stiletto Knife

Stiletto Knife | Vanilla Via cakechieveables

The stiletto knife can have underwhelming looks among the newer knives, but the flip-out animation for its equip gets this knife the 14th place on our list. The inspect animation is average.

Equip Animation: 7.5/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

13. Ursus Knife

Ursus Knife | Vanilla Via cakechieveables

The Ursus knife can both be underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time. The default inspect and equip animations are barely better than the Default knife animations. But this knife has tricks up its sleeve. The secret equip animation is one of the coolest in the game, where the knife spins vertically and is caught mid-air. The secret inspect animation is also unique, where the knife is rotated vertically by the fingers.

Equip Animation: 6/10 (Default) 9/10 (Secret)

Inspect Animation: 6/10 (Default) 7.5/10 (Secret)

12. Gut Knife

Gut Knife | Slaughter Field Tested Via WEBE

The gut knife previously held the title for the ugliest knife, but if you consider the animations, the default spin-out equip animation is pretty cool. Perhaps it’d suit a better-looking knife more like the knife that’s coming higher on the list.

Equip Animation: 8/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

11. Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife | Doppler Phase 1 Factory New Via Jayo

The Bowie knife is the biggest knife in the game, so much so that there is only room for the main hand on the screen. It features a spin-out animation that looks even better on the gigantic knife. This is also one of the few knives with a cool inspect animation held in a reverse grip.

Equip Animation: 7/10

Inspect Animation: 7/10

10. Flip knife

Flip knife | Freehand Field-Tested via Foxly

The Flip knife is one of the better-looking knives while not breaking the bank. As the name suggests, the simple yet elegant flip-out animation nets our top 10 positions.

Equip Animation: 7/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

9. Classic Knife

Classic Knife | Vanilla Via cakechieveables

Ah, nostalgia. The Classic knife. It has been around for generations starting from CS 1.6 and being present in Counter-Strike: Source. With the CS20 Case update, this knife has been reintroduced in CS:GO. It features the iconic reverse spin-out animation which the OG Counter-Strike players all know and love. Aside from the default inspect animation, it also has a cooler secret animation. Like the older games, this knife also features the idle animation where the knife is held in the main hand while the blade is held in the other.

Equip Animation: 8/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10 (Default) 8/10 (Secret)

8. Huntsman Knife

Huntsman Knife | Vanilla Via itsmeWEBE

The animation on the Hunstman knife is the same as the Gut knife. The Huntsman knife is an absolute unit of a knife, and paired with the cool spinning equip animation, this takes our #6 spot. The inspect animation is the default one.

Equip Animation: 8/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

7. Shadow Daggers

Shadow Daggers | Night Factory New Via cakechieveables

The Shadow Daggers have been the “butt” of most of the CS:GO community memes. Jokes aside, the Shadow daggers are the only two-handed melee weapon released so far. Considering the animations, this easily makes our top 7 due to the sheer uniqueness of the equip and inspect animations. This is also the only knife with a notable attack animation.

Equip Animation: 8/10

Inspect Animation: 8/10

6. Skeleton Knife

Skeleton Knife | Vanilla Via cakechieveables

Among the newer knives, the skeleton knife was the most popular because of its sleek appearance befitting a Ninja and its animations. The default equip and inspect animations look good but wait till you see the secret animations. Although a bit harder to get, the secret equip animation of the skeleton knife is by far one of the coolest in the game where the knife spins around the thumb. The secret inspect animation also looks really good where the knife is spun around the index finger.

Equip Animation: 7/10 (Default) 10/10 (Secret)

Inspect Animation: 7/10 (Default) 8.5/10 (Secret)

5. M9 Bayonet

M9 Bayonet | DDPAT Field-Tested Via Jayo

The big brother to the Bayonet, the M9 is a better-looking knife with serrated edges and a more oversized handle. In its equip animation, it is unholstered with the handle facing up, and while it is being taken out, it spins in hand and finally lands with the blade facing up, which looks fantastic.

Equip Animation: 8/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

4. Bayonet

StatTrack Bayonet | Fade Factory New Via DORZER

The Bayonet is a somewhat plain-looking knife, but it’s higher than the M9 on our list because of its equip animation. Featuring our favorite equip animation of them all, the knife is equipped by spinning it on the outside of the main hand which seems to defy all the laws of physics. The inspect animation is the default.

Equip Animation: 10/10

Inspect Animation: 5/10

3. Talon Knife

Talon Knife | Stained Factory New Via cakechieveables

The younger brother to the Karambit, the Talon knife still manages to hold its own when it comes to animations. For the equip animation, the knife is flicked out and back in the hand, which looks better than most of the knives here. The inspect animation is also unique like the Karambit, but what sets the Talon knife apart is when the inspect key is spammed repeatedly, the knife is spun really fast around its ring, making it one of the most fun inspect animations in the game. The best thing about this is that this animation can be reproduced consistently.

Equip Animation: 7/10

Inspect Animation: 10/10

2. Karambit

Karambit | Lore Factory New Via itsmeWEBE

The Karambit has one of the most iconic equip animations in CS:GO with its unique look and reverse grip that makes it stand out from almost all the other knives in the game. For the equip animation, the knife is spun around in the signature reverse grip with the index finger in the ring, and it is also spun around said ring in a buttery smooth motion during its inspect animation.

This knife is an AWPer’s dream knife because of how smooth the animations look in between landing those sick one-shot, one-kills.

Equip Animation: 10/10

Inspect Animation: 8/10

1. Butterfly Knife

Butterfly Knife | Crimson Factory New Via DireSheep

The #1 most expensive knife in the game, the Butterfly knife or Balisong is also #1 at something else, and that is the animations. The Butterfly knife has been widely popular IRL because of its incredible and unique tricks and flips. The equip animation on this knife is a basic flip opening, with the inspect animations being a series of intricate and mesmerizing spins and tricks. This knife also has a secondary inspect animation and three different inspect animations.

With the Balisong first originating in the Philippines as a form of combative art, it shows why this knife topped our list because its animations are literally popularised as a form of art.

Equip Animation: 9/10

Inspect Animation: 10/10

So this concludes our list ranking the best knife animations in CS:GO. Note that this ranking is subjective, and you might like some of the animations here better or worse than their position in the list.

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