Best Famas Skins in Counter-Strike 2: All Skins Ranked from Worst to Best

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Playing as a counter-terrorist, Famas is your best option in semi-buy rounds. Here is a list of the best-looking FAMAS skins in Counter-Strike 2.

In Counter-Strike, the economy plays a vital role in winning a match. Therefore, the game offers weapons for every economic situation. You may want to go with your best rifle and the utilities whenever you have a proper buy. For less money, you may go with SMGs or even a pistol like the Desert Eagle. But in both the CT-s and T-s, an exclusive rifle exists between these situations. For the Counter-Terrorist side, it is called Famas.

The Famas is a Counter-Terrorist exclusive rifle in CS2. It is a bullpup assault rifle that MAS designed and produced in France. The in-game version is modeled initially after the Famas G1. This weapon can fire in two modes: fully automatic or 3-round burst. The firing mode can be switched using the secondary fire button, just like Glock-18.

Compared to standard rifles, the Famas has a low damage output. On the other hand, it also costs less. This makes the gun a perfect alternative to the M4A4 or M4A1-S whenever you are short on money and prefer to buy full utilities.

The Famas might be less sought-after than other rifles. However, this doesn’t mean it has fewer skins to offer than any other weapon in CS2. If you want to replace your default Famas skin with a colorful one, this article can help you.

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How Many Famas AR Skins are there in CS2?

As of 2023, a total of 33 Famas skins are available in CS2. Among them, 2 Covert, 7 Classified, 8 Restricted, 10 Mil-Spec, 2 Industrial Grade, and 4 Consumer Grade Famas skins are there.

Top 10 Best Famas Skins in CS2

Now, we’ll list our top 10 Famas skins that are available in CS2 right now, excluding Industrial and Consumer Grade. Note that the ranking is entirely based on our opinion and the visual appeal of the skins. Additionally, we also considered the popularity of the skins. Moreover, we prioritized how the skin looks over the price and wear. So, a better-looking, inexpensive skin can be placed at a higher rank than an expensive one.

However, the tier list is entirely subjective. The likeness and appeal of a skin may vary from person to person. So, this is a personalized recommendation to guide you in choosing your favorite Famas skin.

10. Meow 36

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

The Meow 36 Famas skin features a minimalistic design. The whole body part is painted with a green abstract pattern. It also has the number ”36” printed on a darker shade. The upper part is adorned with white arrows and the ”MEOW” logo. This skin is on the cheaper side. However, the design does not compromise at all. It looks as elegant as any of its expensive counterparts.

  • Available in: Recoil Case

9. Afterimage

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Afterimage is one of the oldest additions to the Counter-Strike series. It was introduced as part of the eSports 2013 Winter Collection. However, the design retains its appeal in the modern CS2 era. The base is painted with dark blue hexagonal grid-like patterns. Uneven shades of red, light blue, and grey complement the whole design, resembling traces of light. For the most part, this abstract-themed design is sure to catch your eye.

  • Available in: eSports 2013 Winter Case

8. Crypsis

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Crypsis will remind you of autumn. The whole body is covered with dark brown leaf images falling from branches in beige shades. It uses an overall dark color scheme. Also, the price point is on the lower side. So, if you prefer something other than bright-colored skin, look at this one.

  • Available in: Prisma Case

7. Pulse

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

With its bright color scheme and eye-catching design, Pulse is the opposite of what Crypsis offers. The body of the rifle is adorned with different-sized triangles. Using the vibrant hues of pink and purple, this skin will surely stick out in a crowd.

  • Available in: Winter Offensive Weapon Case

6. Styx

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Styx is skin with a menacing look. It is named after a river from Greek mythology. ”Styx” is a goddess and river of the underworld. The design does justice to the name and conveys an eerie vibe. The body part of the rifle is adorned with randomly scattered bones and skulls. It uses black and shades of beige and brown for the color pattern. The handle and some other minor parts are painted metallic red, resembling blood. If you admire horror zombie movies, Styx won’t disappoint you.

  • Available in: The Cache Collection

5. Valence

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Valence boasts a sleek design. Different parts of the rifle are painted with various geometric shapes and patterns. The dominant color is black. But there is a noticeable amount of red and orange. The paint has a patina-finished style. Overall, Valence is made in a futuristic design style.

However, if you like the neat design scheme but don’t prefer bright colors, take a look at Sergeant.

  • Available in: Operation Wildfire Case

4. Mecha Industries

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Mecha Industries has a long skin line to flaunt in CS2. Like the other variants, it features the same color scheme as Famas. The base color is white. The remaining part of the skin is colored a dark black with minor reds here and there. With CS2’s updated lighting, the contrast effects look more eye-catching than ever.

  • Available in: Glove Case

3. Eye of Athena

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Eye of Athena features a sophisticated combination of color and artwork. If you inspect the skin, you will first notice the eyes of an owl. One of the eyes is mechanized, resembling a watcher that never sleeps. The design is complemented by complex patterns of feathers painted in various color shades. Some minor parts are complemented with abstract patterns and lines in red, pink, and green. Overall, the Eye of Athena is a subtly detailed skin with its complex artwork and eye-soothing colors.

  • Available in: Horizon Case

2. Waters of Nephthys

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

At first glance, you will find the Water of Nephthys relatively simple. But if you look closely, you will be amazed by its uniqueness. The central body part is painted with abstract blue and cyan patterns, symbolizing the waters of the Nile. The exciting part is that it has a holo-style finish. Like the holo stickers, its design changes colors based on the lighting effects. Overall, it provides a vibe of the flow of a river. With CS’s updated rendering and lighting effects, this effect mesmerizes in-game.

  • Available in: Anubis Collection Package

1. Commemoration

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

”A chunk of gold”—that is what Commemoration will remind you of. The entire body of the skin is painted a solid gold color. However, the design doesn’t end there. It has an image of a world map engraved on the body. A list of 14 maps from CS2 and CS:GO is also written on the stock. Additionally, there is a soldier-encircled counterterrorism symbol above the magazine. For an avid Famas user, commemoration can symbolize your royalty.

  • Available in: CS20 Case

Honorable Mention

Roll Cage

Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Roll Cage features an aggressive design scheme. It includes splashes of paint like red, white, and various shades of brown. The handle and minor part of the stock are adorned with carbon fiber patterns. Overall, the design spreads a post-apocalyptic vibe.

  • Available in: Gamma 2 Case


Top 10 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

Spitfire is one of the oldest skins in the game. As for the art style, it chose designs from US fighter planes of the 20th century. The body part is painted a green khaki color. At the front, it has an image of an open-mouth shark head in the style of aircraft nose art. The barrel is painted solid red. Spitfire is a memento of US fighter planes.

  • Available in: The Alpha Collection

Final Verdict

Counter-Strike 2 has a huge selection of Famas skins. Naturally, it is impossible to include all of them in our top ten list. However, that shouldn’t stop you from choosing your own weapon skin despite its rarity, price, and look.

In any case, our top ten Famas skin list will set a general benchmark and give you a basic idea of what skin to go after, allowing you to choose something that suits your tastes.

Because Valve consistently adds new skins to the game, we will update our list as new skins are added.

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