Top 10 Endgame Personas in Persona 3: Reload (P3R)

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here are the strongest late-game personas you can obtain in Persona 3: Reload.

Persona 3: Reload is the perfect example of how seemingly insignificant changes can add up to make a noticeable impact, as the rework succeeds in uplifting the game’s best qualities while also staying true to the original game.

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The novelty of balancing your normal day-to-day life with the duties bestowed upon you to take down the shadows still remains intact. After all, this concept was first introduced in the original Persona 3.

So, get ready to battle through the monsters lurking in the dark hour, a mysterious 25th hour in the day where time stops, humans turn into coffins, and your own school transforms into a deranged 250-floor tower.

Persona 3 Reload lets you pick from over 150 different Personas throughout your entire journey. But if you’re new to the Persona series, then it might be a little daunting to figure out which personas are best and the strongest in the late-game. Fortunately, you won’t have to look any further!

Best Late Game Personas in P3R

Although a vast majority of the Personas in P3R are from the original, some of their stats have been changed. Not to mention, there are Personas from the subsequent titles as well. With that said, here are the top ten best late-game personas you can get in Persona 3 Reload.

10. Alice

Alice  Best Late Game Personas P3R

Alice, after going through various changes over the years, still remains a potent user of Dark abilities. Mudoon and Maeigaon are moves that can deal massive amounts of Dark damage, especially to those who are weak to it. And overall, her stats aren’t too bad for late game either.


  • Has great dark attacks.
  • “Die For Me’ attack grants Alice the chance to knock out multiple enemies at once.
  • Blocks any Dark Damage.


  • Her stats aren’t anything too special for late game.

9. Daisoujou

Daisoujou  Best Late Game Personas P3R

One of the best Light-attack-based Personas in P3R is Daisoujou. With access to moves like Hamaon and Samsara, he can knock out the entire enemy party – especially from the increased success rate from Hama Boost. Alongside that, he also blocks any Light-based skills.


  • Great magic user because of his base stats.
  • One of the best Light-attack-based personas in the game.


  • Weak to Dark attacks.

8. Scathach

Scathach Best Late Game Personas P3R

Scathach, along with having a great move-set overall, also has fairly decent stats. Also, she can dish out several Ice and Wind-based attacks to widdle down the enemy. Her high-level skills like Mabufudyne and Magarudyne are great for taking down late-game foes.

Additionally, her Ice attacks can deal more damage with her Freeze Boost passive, and she also reflects any and all Wind or Light Attacks.


  • Decent late-game stats.
  • Arsenal has plenty of powerful Wind and Ice-based attacks.
  • Reflects Wind and Light-based attacks.
  • Blocks all Ice and Piercing damage.


  • Can be easily taken down by Fire-based moves.

7. Odin


Odin has access to the best single-target electricity-based move, Thunder Reign, which can be further buffed through the Electricity amp skill. Also, he has powerful all-target electricity-based skills as well which can wipe everyone with ease.


  • Fantastic electricity moves user.
  • Heals from any electricity based attacks.
  • SP efficient due to the Spell Master skill.


  • Weak to wind-based attacks.

6. Thor

Thor Best Late Game Personas P3R

Thor, the Chariot Arcana persona, has access to the best all-target strike skill in the game, which is the Vicious Strike. He also has a pretty decent party-wide attack buff, Auto-Matarukaja. And he also blocks any strike damage and electricity damage as well.


  • Great at both Physical attacks and elemental attacks.
  • Has access to a strong counter move, High Counter.


  • Weak against Wind-based attacks.

5. Metatron

Metratron  Best Late Game Personas P3R

From the Aeon Arcana comes Metatron. He literally serves as the voice of God and his stats resemble just that. He can effectively learn a wide range of skills and utilize them fully. With his Divine Judgement and Megidalaon attacks, most foes stand no choice.

Also, his healing capabilities can get your team out of some pretty nasty situations and make him almost unmatched in that department as well.


  • Reflects any and all elemental damage except electricity and dark-based attacks.
  • Can learn and use a variety of moves.


  • Falls prey to electricity and dark-based attacks.

4. Surt

Surt Best Late Game Personas P3R

Probably the strongest, if not the strongest Fire-using Personas in the entire game is Surt. His arsenal of fire skills can easily burn the enemy to a crisp. Surt has access Inferno, which deals several bouts of fire damage to an enemy. Additionally he also has decent growth in terms of his stats. Making him a formidable ally to have.


  • Great stat growth.
  • Can use a wide array of powerful fire moves.
  • Heals from any fire-type moves used against him.


  • Ice moves can take him down pretty quickly.

3. Messiah

Messiah Best Late Game Personas P3R

The defensive persona Messiah is one of the best late-game personas you can have. Not only are his stats great for the late-game, but he also actually has natural resistance against all types of attacks. Additionally, he can also reflect both Dark and Light-based attacks.


  • Resistance to all kinds of attacks.
  • Has access to Salvation, which is a great healing spell.
  • Can recover SP for himself.
  • His offense isn’t bad, either.

2. Helel

Helel Best Late Game Personas P3R

Contrary to the previously mentioned Messiah, Helel is an all-attack-based persona who has access to several of the best offensive moves the game has to offer. Helel can learn the best Slash, Bash, and Piercing moves in the game and is also very adept at using a variety of elemental skills.


  • Has a fantastic set of physical and elemental moves.
  • Has access to the most powerful finisher, Morning Star.
  • Has reduced skills cost because of Spell Master.
  • Light and Dark attacks actually heal Helel.


  • Weak to Ice attacks.

1. Orpheus Telos

Orpheus Telos Best Late Game Personas P3R

The hardest but also the most powerful persona to obtain in P3R is Orpheus Telos. This late-game monster has access to the best moves the game has to offer, and he has a great mix of offensive and defensive stats.

Orpheus Telos is resistant to all kinds of physical and elemental attacks. Making him very difficult to take down and also, he can restore HP and SP at every turn. And his offensive capabilities are nothing to scoff at either, as he can utilize almost any skill in the game.


  • Resistant to all kinds of attacks.
  • Has great stats.
  • Can learn and master a wide variety of offensive and defensive moves.


  • Very difficult to obtain

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