Best Ekko Skins in League of Legends 2022: Every Skin Ranked from Worst to Best

Ekko is a versatile champion that you can play in the jungle and mid-lane. Though he was released in 2015, Ekko has quite a few skins to choose from.

Playing any game is all about enjoying your free time. Though having fun might be overselling it when it comes to League. But there are a lot of fun champions you can play to have an overall better experience, and Ekko is one of them. Playing Ekko is a blast because of the amazing champion design and kit.

Ekko is an AP assassin with a good amount of damage and a unique ultimate. You can even play him as a tank and be super annoying. Just like his excellent design, Ekko has some great skins. So you can have fun on the rift one-shotting ADCs and look good while doing it.

How Many Ekko Skins are There in 2022?

Ekko currently has eight skins in total, which is a lot considering he was released seven years ago. Since his release, he has been quite popular, and the number of skins is a testament to that.

Let’s organize all Ekko skins by Riot’s skin tier system before getting a detailed view of all his skins.

  • Timeworn or Classic (520 RP): 0
  • Budget or Deluxe (750 RP): 1 (Academy Ekko)
  • Standard or Superior (975 RP): 1 (Sandstorm Ekko)
  • Epic (1350 RP): 5 (PROJECT: Ekko, Pulsefire Ekko, Firelight Ekko, SKT T1 Ekko, Trick or Treat Ekko)
  • Legendary (1820 RP): 1 (True Damage Ekko)
  • Mythic (Special): 0
  • Ultimate (3250/2775 RP): 0

Ekko Skins Tier List

  • S-Tier (Best): True Damage Ekko,
  • A-Tier (Good): Trick or Treat Ekko, Pulsefire Ekko,
  • B-Tier (Average): Sandstorm Ekko, PROJECT: Ekko, Firelight Ekko
  • C-Tier (Not Recommended): SKT T1 Ekko
  • D-Tier (Bad): Academy Ekko

Now that all the skins are ranked, let’s talk about each skin in detail.

LoL Best Ekko Skins

D-Tier (Bad)

Academy Ekko

Academy Ekko
Academy Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: August 26, 2015
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Chroma: No

No doubt Academy Ekko is the worst Ekko skin. But it isn’t half bad considering the price. There aren’t any new animations or VFX/SFX effects, but it’s a clean, minimalistic skin nonetheless. But seeing how incredible his other skins are, Academy Ekko feels worst.

C-Tier (Not Recommended)

SKT T1 Ekko

Skt t1 Ekko
SKT T1 Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: June 27, 2017
  • Price: 1350 RP (Legacy)
  • Chroma: No

Most SKT T1 skins kind of blow. SKT T1 Ekko is quite good, but as previously said, other skins are better. Also, the price seems a bit high for a skin of this caliber. But the red color looks great on his abilities.

B-Tier (Average)


PROJECT: Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: August 01, 2016
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Chroma: No

Project: Ekko is a slick-looking skin but doesn’t feel like anything special when playing with it. The bar is high when it comes to Ekko skins. So even though Project: Ekko is a great overall skin with good animations and effects, it falls in the average category.

Firelight Ekko

Firelight Ekko
Firelight Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: February 17, 2022
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Chroma: Yes (8 Different Chromas Available)

Firelight Ekko is from Ekko’s appearance in the hit Netflix show ‘Arcane’. Arcane was excellent, and players expected a lot from the Arcane skins.

Firelight Ekko had a lot of negative feedback for not having any new SFX. But Riot listened to feedback and added new sound effects. The skin is simple but looks amazing.

Sandstorm Ekko

Sandstorm Ekko
Sandstorm Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: May 27, 2015
  • Price: 975 RP
  • Chroma: Yes (6 Different Chromas Available)

Sandstorm Ekko is one of the best skins that was released with the champions. For a 975 RP skin, the skin comes with new animations, VFX/SFX. It also has some chromas to freshen up the look. Sandstorm Ekko is a fan favorite and very popular among Ekko players.

A-Tier (Good)

Trick or Treat Ekko

Trick or Treat Ekko
Trick or Treat Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: October 24, 2018
  • Price: 1350 RP (Legacy)
  • Chroma: Yes (6 Different Chromas Available)

Trick or Treat Ekko is a Halloween event skin, and it’s what you expect from a new skin. The animations are excellent, along with the VFX and SFX. It’s a fun and colorful skin.

Pulsefire Ekko

Pulsefire Ekko
Pulsefire Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: May 14, 2020
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Chroma: Yes (7 Different Chromas Available)

Pulsefire Ekko has to be one of the best Ekko skins out there. The futuristic Vibe with white and neon blue looks gorgeous. The mohawk might be a little over the top. But the animations and effects are all fantastic, definitely worth the money.

S-Tier (Best)

True Damage Ekko

True Damage Ekko
True Damage Ekko, Image Via Riot Games
  • Release Date: November 10, 2019
  • Price: 1820 RP
  • Chroma: Yes (8 Chromas Available)

It’s not really a competition when you bring a legendary skin into the mix anymore. True Damage Ekko is Ekko’s best skin so far. It comes with all new emotes, dance, taunt, and even a new walking animation as expected from a legendary skin. The sound effects are fantastic, and also are the animations. With this skin, you are sure to have fun playing Ekko.

All Ekko Skins in League of Legends

Now that we have some idea about all the skins, let’s list all of Ekko’s skins from best to worst for a brief overview.

  1. True Damage Ekko
  2. Pulsefire Ekko
  3. Trick or Treat Ekko
  4. Sandstorm Ekko
  5. Firelight Ekko
  6. PROJECT: Ekko
  7. SKT T1 Ekko
  8. Academy Ekko

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