Best Counters for Every Unit in Age Of Empires 4

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Counters in the Age of Empires are a deciding factor for gaining supremacy. We bring the best counters for every unit in Age of Empires 4.

All games in the Age of Empires series feature a counter system. These units or buildings hold exceptional advantages over other particular units, unit classes, specific buildings, or building classes. Much like a rock, paper,scissor-type match-up, where the stronger side gains various boosts such as damage, virtue, armor, or even range. Meanwhile, the weaker side gets hit hard. Hence, adding extra depth of strategy to the game.

Counters are an important factor for every civilization. Learning and strategizing with the best counter can be tough to figure out, especially for newcomers. That is why we have listed the best counters for every unit in Age of Empires 4.

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Best Counters in Age of Empires 4

Counters for Age of Empires 4


Spearmen are your shield. They can be used against any melee unit. But they shine most when against cavalry units, dealing triple damage to them. A good formation of Spearmen ensures no horse riders can breakthrough.

In terms of weaknesses, Spearmen can be dealt with crossbows, archers, area of effect attacks. Archers deal the most damage with their range and double attack power.

Man At Arms

Men at arms do not offer any bonus, but their exceptional armor means they can withstand a lot of units. They can take down spearmen and archers without breaking a sweat. So to effectively counter them, crossbows are the strongest as they can inflict 50% extra damage to Man at arms. Area of effect siege units can also be used to take them down.


Landsknecht can mow down a large number of melee units easily. Therefore, useful for the front lines of war. Crossbows and Archers can counter them—especially Archers with their double damage capabilities.


Archers are always good support units. But they excel against infantry units such as spearmen and crossbowmen as well as Men at Arms. But they can be easily overwhelmed by fast movers and units that do Area of Effect damage.

Hence Archers become weak against Cavalry units and Firelancers.


Crossbowmen’s 50% damage boost against man-at-arms and knights makes them a must-have choice for any defensive position.

But Archers can be used as soft counters against them. For more effective counters, area of effect attacks and horsemen can easily destroy them.

Horsemen are the usual hard counters when dealing with Crossbowmen.


Arbaletriers are strong against man-at-arms, knights. This is because of their 50% armor bonus against these units. So they can be utilized for good defense. On the other hand, they are extremely weak against Horsemen. Taking 2x damage from them.


Horsemen are fast and strong; they can fare well against light armor melee units but are exceptionally strong against ranged units. No army is complete without a good number of horsemen for defending your perimeter and taking down pesky ranged units in quick hits and runs. They can easily be countered by using Armored units, Spearmen, and Camel Riders.

Lancers/ Knights

Like horsemen, lancers/ knights are excellent against ranged units. Interestingly, they can also counter horsemen easily, but not the other way around.

Counter them with Camel Riders and War Elephants. Each of them damages triple damage to this versatile unit.


Swordsmen can hold their ground against light units like horsemen and other melee units. They should be produced in great numbers for better output. To counter Swordsmen, heavy units like Lancers, Knights Tower Elephants should do the trick. But they can be defeated easily by other units, too, if the Swordsmen decrease in numbers.

Camel Archer

Camel Archers does tremendous damage to light infantry units such as the Spearmen. But they take double damage from Horsemen. Although, unlike other units, Camel Archers have a unique ability to reduce the damage taken by 20%. Allowing them to stand their ground a little longer.

Camel Rider

Camel Riders are situational options. On the one hand, they dish out triple damage to Cavalry units. Making them an effective attacker. On the other hand, War Elephants and Spearmen can easily take it down.

Fire Lancer

Fire Lancers are greatly effective against ranged units due to their high movement speed. They can be used for quick attack and escape tactics. But they receive triple damage from Camel Riders and Spearmen. So one has to be careful before being overwhelmed by them.


Deals extremely high area of effect damage, making them especially strong against cavalry. Grenadiers become helpless against fast movers, such as horsemen. Both in terms of speed and damage taken.

Hand Cannoneer

Hand Cannoneers have many uses. They are effective against infantry, Armored units as well as Siege Weapons. While they can be taken down by Horsemen as they take double damage from the horse riders.

Horse Archer

Unlike most units here, Horse Archers do not deal bonus damage. Instead, they offer superior movement speed and range. Making them agile hunters.

One has to be aware of not being surrounded as they double damage from Horsemen. Triple damage from Spearmen and Camel Riders. So it can quickly be taken down, head-on.


Bonuses for Longbowman work the same way as Archers but with greater range and slower speed. A little effort has to be made to get their full potential as the unit’s attack speed increases near English buildings and after the required technology is researched.


Mangudais, like horse archers, have super-fast mobility. Additionally, the ability to attack while moving Making them great for ambushes and cutting off melee troops. They can be countered with Horsemen, Camel Riders, and Spearmen easily.

Siege Units

Well-placed Siege units are key when taking down buildings, constructions but they can also clear out range units, with their high damage output and range.

They take great torch damage from Melee units. Therefore, helpless when faced with Mounted units and has to be protected.

Tower Elephant

Tower elephants are raw power. They have incredibly high damage in addition to significant health, which means they can quickly destroy light infantry. Although, like all ranged cavalry units, they take double damage from Horsemen and triple damage from Spearmen.

War Elephant

War Elephants are deadly against both cavalry units and buildings. Dealing triple damage to both. A good armada of them can change the course of battles in a second.

It falls short when faced with Spearmen, taking hefty damage from them.

Zhuge Nu

They have the ability to fire rapid-fire shots, thanks to their generous attack speed. Hence, Zhuge Nu’s can easily overwhelm low-armored units. But they can be countered easily with a few horsemen.

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