League of Legends: 5 Best Champions to Get Pentakills With

Getting a Pentakill in League of Legends feels amazing. Though getting Pentakills with every champion is possible, some champions give you better chances at achieving this rare feat.

Killstreak happens in League when you kill enemy champions within 10 seconds of each other. After getting a quadra kill, you have 30 seconds to kill the remaining enemy champion to get a pentakill.

A pentakill is exciting to watch and even more exciting to score one for yourself.

Every champion can get a pentakill if they can secure the last blow on all 5 enemy champions. I have seen videos of Sorakas or even Yummis getting pentakills. But these are extremely hard to do and take a lot of luck. However, the easiest champions to secure pentakills with are ones with some type of reset ability like Pyke, Darius, Katarina, etc.

In this article, we will go through 5 of the best champions to play in order to bag yourself a pentakill.

5 Best Champions to Get Pentakills

5. Jinx

Jinx, Image Via Riot Games

As an ADC main, I have gotten most of my career pentakills with Jinx. Her passive ‘Get Excited’ gives her bonus movement speed for a few seconds and attack speed. This is extremely powerful in team fights. Getting one kill can set you up for multiple others. And Jinx’s passive resets for every kill she gets. That’s why cleaning up fights with Jinx and getting some pentakills in the process is very easy.

4. Darius

Darius, Image Via Riot Games

Another champion with a high number of pentakills is Darius. His ultimate deals huge execute damage and resets every time he secures a kill with his ultimate. If Darius manages to get resets in a team fight, it is easy to ensure all the kills and get a pentakill.

3. Pyke

Pyke, Image Via Riot Games

Pyke is the only support champion who gets so many pentakills and looks effortless doing it. Much like Darius, Pyke also gets his ultimate back whenever he gets a kill with it. Besides, Pyke’s ultimate is also hard to dodge. As soon as anybody gets low on the enemy team, Pyke takes over, and before you know it, you will hear the announcer say, ‘Penta Kill.’

2. Katarina

Katarina, Image Via Riot Games

Katarina’s passive reduces the cooldown of her abilities by 15 seconds whenever she gets a takedown. This can get ridiculous in a team fight. Getting a kill means she can jump to another target in an instant. A study data of 2 years shows Katarina has more than 5% of the total pentakills. That means for every 20 pentakills that happen in League, Katarina at least gets one of them.

1. Master Yi

Master Yi
Master Yi, Image Via Riot Games

Master Yi is a menace in lower elos. We all had that match where we didn’t have any hard crown control, and the enemy Master Yi took over the game by pressing his R & Q. Getting pentakills is a cakewalk for Master Yi. Study shows he secures even more pentakills than Katarina. Master Yi gets the highest number of pentakills on average.

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