Get More Pentakills With These Five LoL Champions

Rifat MahmoodFahim Shahriar
By Rifat Mahmood Fahim Shahriar
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Getting a Pentakill in League of Legends feels amazing. Though getting Pentakills with every champion is possible, some champions give you better chances at achieving this rare feat.

Killstreak happens in League of Legends when you kill enemy champions within 10 seconds of one another. After getting a Quadra kill, you have about 30 seconds to kill the remaining enemy champion to net yourself a Pentakill. It’s very exciting to watch and even more exciting to score one for yourself.

Every champion in the game can net a Pentakill if they manage to secure the last hit on all five enemy champions. I have seen videos of Sorakas or even Yuumis, two of the notoriously hardest champions to get kills on, get Pentakills.

But securing Pentakills on these champions is extremely hard and does require some luck and mostly coordination with teammates. However, there are some champions in the game that require much less effort to get Pentakills on. These champions have some sort of reset abilities that help them secure more kills and even Pentakills.

In this article, we will go through five of the best champions to play in order to bag yourself a Pentakill.

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Five Best Champions to Get Pentakills

Here’s a list of five champions I believe you could easily get Pentakills on,

5. Darius

Image Credit: Riot Games

Starting off our list, we have The Hand of Noxus, Darius. This Top-Lane juggernaut has one of the best early games in the League. He can slowly whittle down opponents in the lane with his Passive-Hemorrhage and go in for the kill later. He can then use his early game advantage to wreak havoc in teamfights.

During teamfights, Darius can use his R-Noxian Guillotine, which is an execute, to well, execute enemies. Since it resets after every kill, he can easily get multiple kills and even secure himself a Pentakill.

4. Samira


Samira is a team-fighting menace. In the right hands, the champion can single-handedly wipe enemies off the map with her abilities. Thanks to her Passive-Daredevil Impulse, she can dash into immobilized enemies and then unleash havoc with her Ultimate-Inferno Trigger. Her ultimate is an Area-of-Effect ability that deals a lot of damage. Just slap a Collector on her, and she will be getting a Pentakill in no time.

3. Vayne


Vayne is notoriously one of the hardest champions to pilot. She is a very short-range Marksman with even less defensive stats. What she lacks in range, she makes up with her enormous amount of damage.

She is one of the few champions in the game that does Ture Damage and Max Health True Damage, to boot. Additionally, she can reposition herself with her Q-Tumble or even become invisible with her Ultimate-Final Hour. If positioned perfectly, she can easily take out multiple enemies and even get a Pentakill.

So, it is time to bring out the Silver Bolts and start hunting.

2. Katarina


Ah..Katarina is the notorious “mash your head on the keyboard and get a Pentakill champion.”

Jokes aside, Katarina is surprisingly hard. You need to get an idea of her damage numbers, learn to position, and so on. But when you actually learn her, she becomes one of the best champions to get Pentakills on.

All her damage is AOE, and her abilities reset if she gets a kill. This can get ridiculous in a team fight. So, if you get a kill, you can instantly jump to another target and do this a few more times, and you get an easy Penta.

1. Master Yi

Master Yi

Master Yi, the bane of Low Elos, a champion almost everyone has gotten a Pentakill on. Studies show that if you have a fed Master Yi, there’s a 99% chance he is getting a Pentakill.

Jokes aside, Master Yi is ridiculously easy to get Pentakill on, especially on lower Elos. If he gets some kills, he can easily run down an enemy. Not only that, but his R and Q abilities reset when he gets a kill, so he can easily go for another target. Like most champions on the list, he is a very good team fighter. He can dodge abilities with his Q-Alpha Strike, and he is immune to slow thanks to his R-Highlander. The cherry on top is that he has True damage on his E-Wuju Style.

So, if you are looking to snag yourself a Pentakill, try Master Yi.

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