Best AWP Skins in CS:GO 2022: Ranked from Worst to Best

Ashraful Abedin
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Best AWP skins in CS:GO

The AWP Skins have always been the favorites of a lot of CS:GO players; Casual and Professional alike. Here, we’ll be ranking the AWP skins from worst to best.

The AWP is a high-risk, high-reward killing machine in CS:GO. This weapon is one of the most expensive in the game, but it has the power to kill an enemy with a single shot to the chest. This makes it very formidable and in the Pro scene, any CS:GO team is only as good as their signature AWPer.

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The Majority of the CS:GO community, Pro and Casual alike love the AWP which is why many cherish purchasing a skin to use with their favorite weapon. A skin can be obtained in many ways; Opening cases, Trading up via contract, or Purchasing from the community or third-party market. If you’re looking to buy an AWP skin in 2022 here are the best ones.

Best AWP Skins in CS:GO (A Complete Tier List)

As this gun is loved and favored by so many people, it is often a common sight to see a variety of skins used with this weapon. So far Valve has released 34 skins for the AWP so far and here we will be ranking them based on their looks along with their prices.

TierAWP Skins
S-TierAWP | Medusa, AWP | Dragon Lore, AWP | Gungnir
A-TierAWP | Containment Breach, AWP | Asiimov, AWP | Neo-Noir, AWP | Wildfire, AWP | Hyperbeast
B-TierAWP | Mortis, AWP | Man-o’-War, AWP | Fever Dream, AWP | Elite Build, AWP | Redline, AWP | Electric Hive, AWP | Graphite, AWP | BOOM, AWP | Atheris, AWP | PAW, AWP | Worm God, AWP | Sun in Leo
C-TierAWP | Fade, AWP | The Prince, AWP | Oni-Taji, AWP | Lightning Strike, AWP | Corticera, AWP | PAW, AWP | Phobos, AWP | Pink DDPAT
D-TierAWP | Silk Tiger, AWP | Exoskeleton, AWP | Pit Viper, AWP | Capillary, AWP | Acheron, AWP | Snake Camo, AWP | Safari Mesh

All the skins have been ranked on the basis of their looks along with their price so if the skin looks marginally better but costs way more than a decent cheap skin, the former will be ranked lower.

Among all the AWP skins released in CS:GO so far, here are the top 15 skins along with their recommended conditions to purchase:

15. AWP | Worm God

Factory new AWP | Worm God
Factory new AWP | Worm God

Steam Market Price: $1 (Field-Tested)

If you have $1 and only $1 to spend for an AWP skin, then look no further than the AWP | Worm God. It is a Restricted skin with a nice silver and skull theme and it will be perfect if you just want to use anything other than the default AWP skin.

14. AWP | Mortis

Factory new AWP | Mortis
Factory new AWP | Mortis

Steam Market Price: $1.75 (Field-Tested)

The AWP | Mortis is another Budget option coming in a brown and dark orange theme. This Classified skin features the Grim Reaper on the stock and an Animal Skeleton on the body. The wear on this skin doesn’t affect it that much so an FT will look close to an FN skin. If your budget is $1-$2 you can purchase this skin but if you can stretch it an extra buck we have a better budget skin coming up on the list soon.

13. AWP | Sun in Leo

Factory new AWP | Sun in Leo
Factory new AWP | Sun in Leo

Steam Market Price: $8.5 (Minimal Wear)

The AWP | Sun in Leo is one of the classic skins that dates back to the early days of CS:GO. It is from the Gods and Monsters collection and it features a blue theme with a textured print. Although it is classed as an Industrial Grade, it looks really good and has a decent price tag.

12. AWP | BOOM

Factory new AWP | BOOM
Factory new AWP | BOOM

Steam Market Price: $46.3 (Field-Tested)

The AWP | BOOM is also another classic skin from the early days of the game. It comes in a bright orange body with textures as if it’s straight out of a comic book. Also, who wouldn’t want to go “Boom! Headshot!” with an AWP Boom?

11. AWP | Fever Dream

Factory new AWP | Fever Dream
Factory new AWP | Fever Dream

Steam Market Price: $5.3 (Field-Tested)

The AWP | Fever Dream is a unique skin coming in a black, blue, and pink color scheme. It is a Classified skin featuring neon graffiti giving it a Vaporwave theme. This skin does not fade away too much on its condition so you can go with the FT variant and save a few bucks.

10. AWP | Aetheris

Factory new AWP | Aetheris
Factory new AWP | Aetheris

Steam Market Price: $2.37 (Field-Tested)

This is my favorite budget AWP skin in the game. The AWP | Aetheris features a blue theme with a snake which looks very cool, like a budget version of the AWP | Medusa, but at 1/1000th of the price. This skin is also a brightness skin, meaning the wear on the skin changes only the brightness and it doesn’t get scratched up. This is the best AWP skin for a low budget in the game.

9. AWP | Redline

Factory new AWP | Redline
Factory new AWP | Redline

Steam Market Price: $25.72 (Minimal-Wear)

The AWP | Redline is another old classic featuring a carbon-fiber body with the signature red lines cutting across. The skin looks very cool and with some red stickers, it can look amazing. This skin is affected a lot by wear so we suggest getting the MW version of it.

8. AWP | Wildfire

Factory new AWP | Wildfire
Factory new AWP | Wildfire

Steam Market Price: $47.75 (Field-Tested)

This is a Covert skin and it has been added with the CS20 case. The AWP | Wildfire comes in a black and blazing red theme with the pattern of a fiery dragon on the body. Fans of the Howl skin will find this to be the closest thing to an AWP | Howl attainable in the game. It is not affected that much by wear so you can get away with an FT version of this skin.

7. AWP | Hyperbeast

Factory new AWP | Hyperbeast
Factory new AWP | Hyperbeast

Steam Market Price: $47.96(Minimal Wear), $29.90 (Field-Tested)

The Hyperbeast is also one of the old classics and Hype that surrounded this line of skins was so great that you can get your Hyperbeast themed Mouse and Mousepads as well. The AWP | Hyperbeast features a colorful scheme with a fleshy beast with jaws wide open. This skin is heavily affected by wear so an MW would be preferred on this one but if you can snag a low float FT variant that will suffice as well.

6. AWP | Containment Breach

Factory new AWP | Containment Breach
Factory new AWP | Containment Breach

Steam Market Price: $55.34 (Field-Tested)

The AWP Containment Breach was introduced in the Operation Shattered Web case. It comes in a lime green theme with what looks like radioactive creatures in a swamp-like area. This goes with its name “Containment Breach” The skin is not affected by wear and only the brightness of the pattern changes as you go down in wear so an FT version of this skin is the way to go.

5. AWP | Neo-Noir

Factory new AWP | Neo-Noir
Factory new AWP | Neo-Noir

Steam Market Price: $33.60 (Minimal Wear)

The AWP | Neo-Noir was introduced in the Operation Danger Zone case. The details on this retro-themed skin are some of the best in the game. The blue, pink, and white colors make the skin look very clean and minimal. In my opinion, this is the classiest AWP skin and those of you who are fans of the Crime films from the 90s will definitely love this skin.

4. AWP | Asiimov

Factory new AWP | Asiimov
Field Tested AWP | Asiimov

Steam Market Price: $74.9 (Well-Worn)

Back to another classic, the AWP Asiimov was one of the signature AWPs in the early days of CS:GO. With a futuristic white and orange theme, the AWP Asiimov was a recognizable skin being high tier but also not out of reach of the wealthy players in the game. This skin does not have any FN or MW variants and the best wear you can get this skin at is FT.

3. AWP | Dragon Lore

Factory new AWP | Dragon lore
Factory new AWP | Dragon Lore

BitSkins Price: $4000 (Field-Tested)

The AWP | Dragon Lore. The cobblestone drop. The Youtube clickbait thumbnail. The Dragon Lore is the most iconic and highest tier skin in the history of CS:GO. Coveted by collectors and Gamblers alike, this skin was for the most Elite class in the game. Featuring a Golden pattern with a dragon, it is highly sought after and in present times, unavailable in the Steam community market.

The Cobblestone drop itself is worth an absurd $800-$1000 just because it had a chance of containing this skin. Ever since the drop became harder to get, the price of this skin skyrocketed like crazy. The value of the skin back in the day for an FN was around $2000-$2500. Now it is completely unavailable in the community market and has to purchase from third-party sites with price tags of $4000-$5800 for the Ft one and the FN goes for as much as $10,000 USD.

2. AWP | Medusa

Factory new AWP | Medusa
Factory new AWP | Medusa

BitSkins Price: $2250 (Field-Tested)

The Jewel of the Gods and Monsters collection, the AWP | Medusa is another Legendary AWP skin in CS:GO. It features the head of the Gorgon on the stock of the weapon and her snake hair protruding outwards. It was a close tie between ranking the Medusa and the Dragon Lore but to me, the Medusa comes out slightly on top.

Those who prefer a slightly more subtle appearance rather than the loud appearance of the Dragon Lore will appreciate the AWP Medusa. It is also another skin that is unavailable in the Community market and needs to be purchased from third-party sites. The FT variants come in around 2200-2400 and FN variants costing up to $6500.

1. AWP | Gungnir

Factory new AWP | Gungnir
Factory new AWP | Gungnir

BitSkins Price: $4900 (Field-Tested)

The AWP | Gungnir is a comparatively newer skin added to the game as a part of the Norse Collection but it has taken the community by storm. This was a limited-time skin releasing with Operation Shattered Web. Players would need to collect stars and complete missions to get a chance of getting this skin from the drops.

Addressed as the “Ice Dragon Lore” by a few in the community, the skin features a pearlescent blue color with a lot of detailing on the body and especially the scope. The color also changes from light blue to a purple hue depending on what angle the light is coming from.

It is unavailable in the market as expected and can be purchased from third-party sites for just under $5000 for the FT version and the FN version can go as high as $12,500!

Honorable Mention: AWP | The Prince

Factory New AWP | The Prince
Factory New AWP | The Prince

BitSkins Price: $3250 (Field-Tested)

This is another amazing skin that was comparatively newer in the game. When it was released it was a close competitor to the Gungnir but the Gungnir reigned supreme as the King.

As a part of the Canals Collection, this skin is highly detailed in an aristocratic theme with golden vines on red truly earning it its name. The body features the writing “PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEVS” which translates from Latin into “Peace unto you, Mark, my Evangelist.” This pays a tribute to the real-life inscription on the Winged Lion of Saint Mark on the St Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, Italy.

The skin is also rarely available in the community market and prices range from $3250 for the Ft version to $5650 for the FN version.

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So this wraps up the best CS:GO AWP skins in the game. Note that rankings like these are purely subjective and you might disagree with some of them. The prices were listed as they were on the date of writing this article.

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