Bayonetta 3: How to Toggle Naive Angel Mode

Find out how you can toggle between the usual mode and the Naive Angel mode for Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3.

Bayonetta 3 is a stylish action-adventure game with fantastic gameplay. The developers, known as Platinum Games, is respected in the gaming scene for their innovative and stylish combat gameplay, which is unique and also fun to play. Bayonetta 3 also falls in the same category.

According to ESRB, Bayonetta 3 is an M-rated game. But even though it is a mature-rated game, censoring is often a good option to have. And if you are trying to play on a stream or in front of some family members, this option can be very helpful.

Bayonetta 3 has a censor option that cuts down on blood and gore and reduces skin shown inside special attacks. This option is called the Naive Angel mode. Here is how you can activate it in the game.

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What is Naive Angel Mode in Bayonetta 3?

Long story short, Bayonetta has a much less revealing outfit in Bayonetta 3. This witch got Wicked Weaves, a special move where shooting the demons cause her to lose her drape layer by layer. And to make it more confusing, her drape is actually her long and thick hair. On top of that, the camera will focus on her from time to time; indeed, why not?

And to make that less happen, Naive Angel mode is the one mod you need. Thus, she becomes less revealing, and that covers her exposed skin. Well, you would not want your brother just walk into the room seeing you playing with Bayonetta like that.

How To Activate Naive Angel Mode in Bayonetta 3

Naive Angel changes the game a fair bit from the original mode. It cuts down on the bloody and gory scene as well as censors Bayonetta herself. Bayonetta being an Umber Witch, her clothes are made out of hair that transforms during different attacks. The devs usually cover her up artistically during those attacks. But naive angel mode keeps her clothes on for all the scenes.

You can activate this naive angel mode when you are starting a new save. In general, you will be prompted to turn it on when you start the game. However, you can turn it on from there. But if you don’t turn it on when starting a new game, you can do it later.

If you didn’t turn it on before, you could do it from the title menu or the chapter menu of the game. However, you cannot turn on this option in the middle of a chapter. If you really want to turn it on, you must go back to the chapter menu and activate naive angel mode. Then you can restart the chapter from the beginning.

And that is all I got for the Naive Angel Mode in Bayonetta 3. Cheers!

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