Battlefield 2042: RendeZook manoeuvre’s origin and explanation

In the recent reveal trailer of Battlefield 2042, many players from outside of the Battlefield community got super confused to witness the RendeZook manoeuvre. The origin of this infamous tactic can be traced back to times prior to 2010.

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RendeZook manoeuvre is not something that’s totally based on pure luck. It doesn’t even require any advantages given by the game, and it’s also not any type of exploitation. Any Battlefield pilot with in-depth knowledge about the game’s mechanic can perform a RendeZook manoeuvre. When opportunity presents itself, executing such a tactic can make your opponent truly admire your skillset.

Origin of the LoopZook & RendeZook 

RendeZook didn’t exactly originate from a single occurrence. As explained by Stun-gravy, the man behind the original RendeZook, a similar tactic called LoopZook existed even before RendeZook. The LoopZook required a pilot to jump out of his aircraft, perform a kill with Bazooka and safely get back to his aircraft, which had to be performing a loop. 

Stun_gravy performed a similar stunt in Battlefield 3, but it wasn’t exactly a LoopZook since his Su-35BM Flanker-E was losing motion instead of looping. Despite that, Anders managed to shoot down the trailing F/A-18E Super Hornet with an RPG-7 and rendezvous back to the Flanker-E. After getting into his pilot seat, Anders restarted the plane’s engines only to land and repair it. Upon completing a quick repair within minutes, he was airborne again. Even after 10 years, the Battlefield community still has huge respect for anyone who is able to showcase such prowess.

The rebirth of RendeZook

Anders explained that the new technique wasn’t exactly a LoopZook but a rendezvous was performed, hence Anders mixed these two words to create a new term, RendeZook. EA decided to honor this fan favourite stun by showcasing it in the premiere trailer of Battlefield 2042. Bringing back such nostalgia to the reveal trailer also proved to be a clever move from EA & DICE.

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