Aunt May’s Grave Location: Spider Man 2

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Image Credit: Insomniac Games

Find Aunt May’s grave and pay your respects!

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 has turned out to be an immersive open-world game. The game’s intrinsic world-building has materialized a whole spectrum of emotions into reality. From intense fights to emotional moments, the game has been very vibrant in its depictions. One such heartfelt moment in the game is when Peter/Miles decides to visit Aunt May’s Grave.

You can go visit Aunt May’s grave, both as Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and reminisce about the tragic events of the previous game. Moreover, if you go as Peter, you can achieve the You Know What to Do Trophy. However, pinpointing Aunt May’s grave location can be a challenging task, as New York City is a world in and of itself in the game. Also, the game does not provide any information about the specific whereabouts of the grave. So, without further ado, let’s find out Aunt May’s grave and pay her a visit.

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Aunt May’s Grave in Spider-Man 2

Aunt May’s Grave Location: Spider Man 2
Image Credit: Insomniac Games

Open your map and look for the Northwestern corner. There, you will see the Harlem district, which will be your destination. Now, look for a Graveyard also at the northwestern part of Harlem. The Graveyard is situated beside a Church. Look for the Church to identify the cemetery. 

After ensuring the location, start heading there by web swinging. After you reach the cemetery, start looking for the gate. Entering the Graveyard, take a right turn and walk for a bit. After a while, you will see a straight path going uphill. Take the path and keep going forward. Keep looking to your right and search for two graves with flowers and candles placed on one. After you have found the grave, get close and interact with the Triangle icon. You will be shown a cutscene and consequently given the trophy.

The indicator for Jeff’s grave will also start showcasing once you come close to the cemetery; you can use that to your advantage as Aunt May’s Grave is nearby. 

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