Atrioc Makes an Apology Following Deepfake Controversy and Leaves OFFBRAND

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Atrioc Twitch

Twitch streamer Atrioc recently made a second apology video following the deep fake controversy of some popular female streamers like Pokimane, SweetAnita, Maya Higa, and QTCinderella.

Following the recent deep fake controversy, Atrioc has made a second apology on Twitter. The first time Atrioc apologized was during his Livestream a few hours after the incident with tears in his eyes. He is also taking a break from streaming and has left OFFBRAND.

All this started when Atrioc was streaming like regular on January 30, 2023. One of his browser tabs on a second monitor was accidentally revealed to the viewers. Atrioc’s viewers were shocked to notice a Deepfake p**n website of some popular female Twitch streamers like Pokimane, SweetAnita, QTCinderella, Maya Higa, and others.

According to sources, this particular website provides paid access to deepfake pornographic images and videos, some of which include female Twitch streamers. Many of the female Twitch streamers, including QTCindrella, Pokimane, Maya, and SweetAnita, responded to this controversy expressing their shock at the whole situation.

As mentioned previously, Atrioc made a second apology on Twitlonger for his actions and the deepfake controversy.

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Atrioc Makes 2nd Apology on Twitter:

On Feb 1, 2023, Atroic made the Twitlonger post. In the Tweetlonger, he says,

“My actions have taken me from someone I was proud of, trying to make a positive impact in my community, to a “deepfake porn guy”. The scar of that is felt deeply on my heart.”

In the post, Atrioc also especially apologized to Maya and Pokimane because their images were in the screenshot that spread following the controversy. He also mentioned that the website has been taken down thanks to QT and Ryan Morrison’s law firm.

Atrioc will cover the cost of the takedown and the legal fees of anyone affected who wants to remove unwanted content from the website. He also mentioned taking a break from Streaming and stepping down from OFFBRAND as he wants to focus on this matter.

He also said the following,

“Lastly, to anyone who has expressed the sentiment of “support” that what I did wasn’t wrong, or that I shouldn’t apologize- F**k you. Sincerely. I do not want your support; I do not stand with you.

This will be the last time you hear from me for a while. I’d rather you see my actions. I will try my absolute hardest to combat the damage I caused. “

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