Atomic Heart: All Kinds of Locks and How to Pick Them

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Here is how you can pick locks in Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart has a long list of different kinds of missions to complete, puzzles to unlock, and enemies to defeat as you play the game. The game gives players a unique experience with its theme around Robots and Humans living together during the Soviet Union. In this unique experience, you must solve puzzles frequently to get to places and unlock areas.

To do this, you must learn to unlock Locks, which can sometimes be very simple while other times can be a little menacing. So to help you with puzzles to enjoy the game fully without worrying, you will have to master how to complete puzzles. Moreover, to do that, check out the guide below on all kinds of locks in Atomic Heart and how to pick them.

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All kinds of Locks in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is filled with different kinds of puzzles in the game. Among these puzzles, the one kind you will come across very often is Locks. In fact, different kinds of locks are scattered across Atomic Heart’s map, each requiring a different approach to unlock and access what lies beyond it. For example, there are 5 types of locks: Standard Locks, Combination Locks, Timing Locks, Pattern Locks, and Cookie Locks. While standard locks can be opened using your gloves, Cookie Locks will require you to collect certain types of cookies.

Standard Locks

Standard Lock
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Standard Locks are exactly what they sound like, and just standard locks. You can use the wires in your hand to open them up. You must make the keyhole horizontal by adjusting your glove’s wires and turning the Lock to unlock these locks.

Timing Locks

Timing Locks

Moving onto locks that are not as easy to unlock, the Timing lock will need you to unlock it before the timer runs out. To complete this Lock, you will have to continue pressing the pin with the red light until all the pins have been turned red. Ensure you understand the pattern of lights turning red, like, for each successful press, the next pin will be in the anti-clockwise direction.

Pattern Locks

Pattern Lock
Credits- 2K Games

Even though this Lock might look very straightforward initially, it can be quite tough to complete. While completing this Lock, the first thing you should do is bring all the lights down at the bottom, pressing A on Xbox and X on PlayStation. After that, use your Trigger buttons to align the colors to the correct pins.

Combination Lock

Combination Lock
Credits- 2K Games

The last two locks on this list require more effort to find and will need you to search for clues inside the game. For combination locks, you will first have to find the Lock itself, then search for the combinations written on any papers or signs around. Once you find the combination clues, just input them into the Lock by clicking the correct lights, and it will be unlocked.

Cookie Lock
Credits- 2K Games

For the last Lock, you will also have to find a clue, but the clue is more like a key you can use to open the Lock itself. P-3 calls these keys cookies, and you will find them nearby any Cookie Lock you come across in the game. Remember to check for a cookie thoroughly and use the key to open the Lock, to get through to what stands beyond the Lock.

Apart from the locks in Atomic Heart, you can also complete a long list of missions in the game. If you are wondering how many missions there are, you can check out our article here All Missions and Sidequests in Atomic Heart.

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