Ariana Grande Live Concert Posters are Appearing in Fortnite

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games/ Ariana Grande Twitter

Recently some posters related to the upcoming Ariana Grande Concert are showing up around the Fortnite island.

The Fortnite community has been speculating about a Fortnite x Ariana Grande Concert for some time now. The collaboration is supposed to have skins and an Ariana Grande Live Concert, but Epic Games is yet to officially announce anything to solidify any of this.

Recently, however, some posters started appearing all around Fortnite island. According to some. these posters are solid proof that Ariana Grande is coming to Fortnite.

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Ariana Grande Event Posters:

As soon as the posters appeared in-game, Fortnite players started flooding different social media websites with images and speculations. Fortnite players even found that you can interact with them.

Interacting with the posters plays an audio for a few seconds.

The Fortnite community immediately got to work deciphering the meaning of these posters. Currently, three posters are available related to the Ariana Grande x Fortnite crossover. The first poster apparently points to the “God is a Woman” music video and Ariana’s perfume brand. The second poster of a pig is apparently the pet pig that Ariana Grande has. The third and final poster points to the “Rain on Me” music video.

These poster references are speculations and should be taken with a grain of salt as Epic is yet to make a formal statement as of writing this article.

Hopefully, we will get some sort new info about the upcoming Fortnite x Ariana Grande live event soon.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.