Apex Legends seemingly buffed 3 Legends in Double Take update without mentioning it in patch notes

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Respawn made some improvements to Wattson, Ash, and Vantage in the Double Take event update. However, the developers did not include it in the patch notes.

Apex Legends usually releases two big updates during a season, the first being at the very start and the second one in the middle. Apart from gameplay changes and new content, these updates also include weapon and legend buffs and nerfs.

Respawn discloses these buffs and nerfs in the official patch notes so everyone comprehends how the meta will be influenced. However, the devs occasionally, in secret, implement balance adjustments in the game without prior notice to see how the community reacts.

A similar problem happened with the Double Take update. Without leaving a trace, Respawn pushed three changes for three separate legends: Wattson, Ash, and Vantage. And thanks to the data miner/ leaker, HYPERMYST, these changes are no longer secret.

Apex Legends seemingly buffed 3 Legends in Double Take update without mentioning it in patch notes
  • Wattson: Wattson’s Passive, Spark of Genius, now regenerates shield 2x faster. From 50s>>25s to charge 1 shield bar.
  • Ash: Ultimate distance increased from 65m>>75m
  • Vantage: Echo speed increased from 800>>1200

There are two possible reasons why Respawn did not mention the changes in the patch notes. The primary reason is that Respawn wants to see if these changes affect the characters’ pick rate without openly addressing them. The second cause might simply be that Respawn forgot. In either case, those who main these stories have surely seen the modifications either with or without notice. And now that HYPERMYST has cracked the ice, their uncertainties are confirmed. Still, it will be interesting to find out whether these adjustments truly have a long-term impact.

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