Apex Legends Season 17 Launch Bundles: Ballistic, Octane & Caustic Pyro Skins

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

We’ve received a glimpse of the upcoming launch bundles coming to Apex Legends Season 17 Arsenal containing Ballistic, Octane, and Caustic skins.

With every new Season, Respawn releases a bunch of new skins and bundles to Apex Legends. These skins come to the game via Special Offers and Collection Events. These skins are trendy among the players because they let players feel the variety in the game.

Apex Legends releases a new Legend with almost every new season, with only Season 16 being an exception where no new Legend was released. To celebrate the release of the new Season and Legend, Respawn releases brand new Launch bundles to the game.

Similarly, in Season 17, Apex Legends is releasing the Arsenal Launch bundles, including three new skins for Ballistic, Octane, and Caustic. And thanks to Thordan Smash, we’ve received the details of these skin bundles waiting to be released with the Arsenal update.

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Season 17 Arsenal Launch Bundles

Season 17 Arsenal Launch Bundles
credit: thordansmash

Season 17 Arsenal Launch Bundles will contain the following:

  • Ballistic Launch Bundle
  • Hothead Bundle
  • Furnace Fury Bundle

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