Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance Ranked: Rewards, Skydive Trails, Split Dates, & More

Nawshad Noor
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Credit: KralRindo/ Respawn

As we are at the tail end of season 11 of Apex Legends, Respawn has finally given us more information regarding the upcoming season 12 called “Defiance.”

Similar to every new season starting in season 2, Apex Legends has introduced new ranked rewards for competitive players to grind throughout the whole season. Since this battle royale game has multiple maps, the ranked portion of the battle royale mode is usually played on two completely different maps on two different splits.

This ranked split basically occurs in the middle of the season, and it resets some ranked progression. So, players can climb the ranked ladder on two different splits to collect additional rewards.

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Season 11 Escape Ranked Updates

In Apex Legends ranked mode, there are seven distinct ranks for players to climb. It starts all the way from bronze and ends with Apex Predator. Players must spend RP (ranked points) to enter a ranked match.

Players can also collect these RPs by either getting kills or placing them on the top ten list. To climb up the ranked ladder, players need to get more RP than they spent to join that particular match. After amassing enough RP, players then get promoted to the next rank.

After reaching the master rank, only the top 750 players on a server can hold the position of Apex Predator, which is the highest rank in this battle royale game.

Apex ranked
Credit: Respawn

Season 12 Ranked Maps

According to AlphaINTEL, World’s Edge will not be in an unranked map rotation. Additionally, Olympus, Storm Point, and Kings Canyon will be the maps in unranked matches.

Split Dates

Split 1: Olympus

Split 2: Kings Canyon starting in April

World’s Edge will not be in season 12 of Apex Legends.

Apex Season 11 Ranked Patch Notes

Change Summary 

Max Kill KP: 175 → 125
Placement Points and Per-Kill Bonus:

Placement Points and Per Kill Bonus
Placement Points and Per Kill Bonus Credit: EA

“This tuning is more punishing for teams that undervalue placements. We’re bumping up placement points for teams in the top 5, easing back on the ‘Kill KP Cap’ and adjusting ‘Per Kill Bonuses’ to require 2–3 fewer Kills to hit the maximum.”

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