Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 has been postponed due to the Coronavirus

Apex Legends Global Series postponed until any further notice


Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 that was supposed to be held on March 1st just got postponed until any further notice.

EA apparently made the decision to postpone the event cause of health risks surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. The officials claim that the safety of their organizers and the general public made them postpone the event.

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The online qualifier, on the other hand, will still take place at their previously announced date. COVID 19 at this point in time is solely responsible for the cancellation of so many major eSports events that it is had to keep count right now.

EA has made a statement on their website regarding the announcement,” EA is postponing this event and will provide a new event date and updated Apex Legends Global Series schedule in the near future.

Since the threat of COVID 19 has reached a global scale, it is still uncertain when EA will make any further announcements regarding the event. Many pros are understandably disappointed but most agree with EA on making public health the top priority.

The world health organization(WHO) already declared it to be a global emergency. After all this, EA has made the right call by postponing the event.

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