Apex Legends: Best Ratting Spots in Kings Canyon to Reach Master in Season 17

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Want to find out the best ratting spots in Kings Canyon so you can reach Master in Season 17? We’ve got you covered.

Like in the past, Apex Legends underwent several ground-breaking changes in Season 17. Besides the new Legend Ballistic, Respawn introduced a revamped Firing Range into the game. Moreover, the new Armory system with the weapons has given players more reasons to invest their time in the game this season.

However, the biggest change of Season 17 might’ve been the Ranked Changes. With 2 major goals in mind, Respawn made 4 fundamental changes to the game, including the introduction of hidden MMR, new scoring and bonus system, and provisional games.

However, Respawn’s plan to improve the Ranked system might’ve backfired as an unprecedented number of players have reached Master within a very short time. Following this, many players who wanted to reach Master started to grind the Ranked mode hoping to achieve one of the most prestigious titles of Apex Legends. Nonetheless, as getting to Master has become more accessible, it has also become slightly controversial.

However, that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to reach the Master this season. The new rank system has made it easier for the players to reach the Master rank pretty easily. All you have to do is invest a little bit more time, have map knowledge, and know how the ranked system works in Season 17.

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How Does Ranked System Work in Season 17

In Season 17, Respawn introduced a new scoring system replacing the previous Ranked Points (RP.) The reason behind this is that the total RP of a player never truly represented a player’s actual skill, as the RP can decrease due to missing one or two seasons of Ranked.

As a result, in Season 17, Respawn implemented a hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) that reflects a player’s actual skill. However, Respawn hasn’t revealed how they calculate the MMR, which is understandable.

Depending on the MMR, players will be placed in different lobbies, matching the skills of other players. However, like previously, there’ll inevitably be players of different skill-set. For that reason, a new scoring system was also introduced.

Before, whether you would climb up or down, the rank would be determined by your RP gain or loss. However, Respawn eliminated that system because it was full of flaws. Hence, the Ladder Points or LP system has emerged.

The LP includes placement points + Bonuses. The Placement points are pretty straightforward. Your placement out of the 20th determines it during a ranked match. You can get up to 200 LP through placement points in a single match. However, you cannot lose more than 35 LP in a single game, which counts as the entry cost.

Here is the detailed info on Placement and Ladder Points:

PLACEMENT14+13, 12, 1110987654321

Fortunately, this season’s entry cost is much lower in higher ranks compared to previous seasons. Moreover, you get positive Ladder Points as you enter the 10th position. So, gaining LP has become easier than ever. You can do that just by ratting.

What is Ratting in Apex Legends?

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends for a while, you probably already know what ratting means. The term “ratting” is usually used when you’re the last man alive on your team and trying to get as high of placement as possible by hiding in plain sight or the stupidest corner no one expects you to be.

Best Ratting Spots on Kings Canyon

Thankfully, Apex Legends has tons of these ratting spots on every map. Moreover, a lot of new ratting spots are being discovered regularly due to Season 17’s Ranked changes. In this section, we’ll showcase some of the best ratting spots in Kings Canyon so that you can get easy Placement Points in Season 17.

There’ll be no specific ranking for the ratting spots, as every position in the list is situational and can be helpful based on the zones. So without further ado, let’s find out the best ratting spots in Kings Canyon.

North-side Cave of Market #1

This ratting spot is located in the cave of the north side of the Market. Although it’s in plain sight, nobody usually looks there as it’s a pretty uncommon spot. You can get there with movement Legends only.

Preferred Legends: Valkyrie, Pathfinder, Horizon.

Credit: Isolatun/ Rossthesquirrel

North-side-Cave of Market #2

This ratting spot is very close to the first ratting spot shown above. However, unlike the first one, this one is slightly better because the rocks on both sides give you cover so the enemies won’t see you clearly. Similar to the first one, you can get there using movement Legends.

Preferred Legends: Valkyrie, Pathfinder, Horizon.

credit: local292sparky/ Rossthesquirrel

East-side-Tunnel of Bunker #1

This is also one of the broken ratting spots in Kings Canyon. Nobody will look here despite being in plain sight, thanks to the bushes. You can get there with any Legend.

Preferred Legends: Any

credit: naoi ryu/ Rossthesquirrel

East-side-Tunnel of Bunker #2

This ratting spot is also in the same tunnel as the previous one. If you don’t like the previous spot, you can head over to the marked area on the map, and you’ll find a pile of bones. Get behind there. The area is also very dark, so you’ll basically be under the shadow for the rest of your time, and nobody’s going to find you.

Preferred Legends: Any.

credit: awsomedino28

Top of any Pine Tree

You can get on top of any pine tree in Kings Canyon. These pine trees are all over the map, especially in the north-south region of Kings Canyon.

Preferred Legends: Revenant, Valkyrie.

credit: toaster

West-side of Cage

This is an S-tier ratting spot in Kings Canyon. Unless someone is cheating or knows this exact spot, there’s no chance anyone will find you here. Once you reach the marked location, look above on the side of the mountain, and you’ll see a hole. You can use movement Legends to get up there. However, make sure nobody sees you while you’re getting up there.

Preferred Legends: Loba, Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Horizon.

credit: blaze jonney/ Rossthesquirrel

North-South-Edge of The Rig

This is a very situational but deadly ratting spot. If you’re lucky, the zone may pull toward The Rig, and you can sit on the ledge of the building located on the north-south side of The Rig. You’ll need Valkyrie or Pathfinder to reach there safely. Otherwise, you may fall.

Preferred Legends: Valkyrie, Pathfinder.

credit: typical wraith/ Rossthesquirrel

In-between Caustic Treatment and Map Room

As shown below, you can sit on top of many trees in Kings Canyon. However, this specific ratting spot between Caustic Treatment and Map room is somewhat special as zones tend to pull toward this spot quite often. You can get on top of this tree using any Legend.

Preferred Legends: Any.

credit: hanswag/ Rossthesquirrel

North-side of Artilary

This is also a perfect ratting spot that may come in handy if the zone pulls toward the Artilary, which often happens in Kings Canyon. To get up there, get on top of the light poles, jump onto the wall and mantle. Now move toward the ledge. Enjoy the free placement points!

credit: naoi ryu/ Rossthesquirrel

Northwest of Market

This ratting spot is one of the best in the list. This ratting spot is located near Respawn Beacon on the northwest side of the Market. After you reach there, get over to the rocky mountain, and you’ll find a nice hole to hide. The good thing about this ratting spot is that it is in the middle of nowhere. So, there’s very little chance that anyone will find you. Moreover, you can leave the place anytime you want when there’s no one around.

preferred Legends: Any.

credit: trufruit/ Rossthesquirrel

North-side of Hydro Dam

This ratting spot is located on the north side of the Hydro Dam. Just head over to the marked location, and you’ll find the spot beside the closed bunker. Your enemies will think that this place is inaccessible. However, you can easily sit there and gain some free LPs.

Preferred Legends: Any

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There you go! These are some of the best ratting spots of Kings Canyon in Season 17. Remember them, as they will come in handy in dire situations and give you easy Ladder Points in Season 17 Ranked.

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