Every Status Effect and What it Does in Minecraft

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Everything you need to know about Status Effects in Minecraft.

Minecraft’s Survival Mode consists of gathering resources, crafting items, and building defense and shelter in preparation for the mobs that roam the night and the ones you’ll encounter while exploring the vast world.

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Furthermore, its gameplay is ripe with RPG elements, including leveling, dungeons, and status effects. Status effects in Minecraft can be positive and negative and can have a variety of effects, ranging from healing and increasing melee damage to levitation and invisibility.

Moreover, you can both gain and inflict these status effects through various means, including potions, arrows, foods, etc.

This guide lists every active Status Effect in the game, what it does, and how you can get said Status Effects.

All Status Effects in Minecraft

Status EffectWhat it DoesTypeHow to Get
SpeedIncreases walking speed as well as your field of view.PositivePotions of Swiftness, Arrows of Swiftness.
Can also be contracted by being in the radius of active beacons with the Speed status effect.
SlownessDecreases walking speed as well as your field of view.NegativePotions of Slowness, Potions of the Turtle Master, Arrows of Slowness and Arrows of the Turtle Master.
Can also be contracted when attacked by Strays.
HasteIncreases your mining and attack speed,PositiveBeing in the radius of active Beacons with the Haste Status Effect
Mining FatigueDecreases your mining and attack speed,NegativeBeing in the radius of an Elder Guardian
StrengthIncreases melee damage, PositivePotion of Strength and Arrows of Strength.
Can also be contracted by being in the radius of active beacons with the Strength status effect.
Instant HealthPotions of Slowness, Potions of the Turtle Master, Arrows of Slowness, and Arrows of the Turtle Master.
Can also be contracted when attacked by Strays.
PositivePotions of Healing, and Arrows of Healing.
Instant DamageHeals living entities and damages undead, NegativeBeing hit by Potions of Harming, or Arrows of Harming.
Jump BoostIncreases jump height and reduces fall damage,PositivePotions of Leaping, Arrows of Leaping, and being near active beacons with the Jump Boost status effect.
Can also be contracted by consuming Cornflower suspicious stew.
NauseaCauses the screen to shake and warp.NegativeEating a Pufferfish
RegenerationRegenerates health over time,PositivePotions of Regeneration, Arrows of Regeneration, being near active beacons with the Regeneration status.
Can also be contracted by consuming Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples or Oxeye Daisy Suspicious Stew.
Furthermore, this status effect is also activated near Totems of Undying or by killing an enemy near an axolotl.
ResistanceDamages living entities and heals undead, PositivePotions of the Turtle Master, Arrows of the Turtle Master, being near active beacons with the Resistance status effect.
Can also be contracted by consuming Enchanted Golden Apples.
Fire ResistancePrevents fire damage.PositivePotions of Fire Resistance, Arrows of Fire Resistance.
Enchanted Golden Apples, Allium Suspicious Stew.
Totems of Undying.
Water BreathingPrevents drowning and lets the affected entity breathe underwater.PositivePotion of Water Breathing, Arrows of Water Breathing.
Being near an active Conduit underwater.
Wearing a Turtle Shell helmet.
InvisibilityMakes the affected entity invisible and reduces the range from which other mobs can detect the affected entity.PositivePotions of Invisibility, Arrows of Invisibility.
BlindnessImpairs vision and prevents the affected entity from being able to sprint and do critical hits.NegativeAzure Blue Suspicious Stew
Night VisionImproves vision in the dark and underwater.PositivePotions of Night Vision, Arrows of Night Vision.
Poppy Suspicious Stew.
HungerIncreases food exhaustion, causing players to starve.NegativeConsuming Rotten Flesh, Pufferfish, or Raw Chicken.
Can also be contracted when attacked by a Husk.
WeaknessDecreases melee damage.NegativePotion of Weakness, Arrows of Weakness.
Consuming Tulip Suspicious Stew.
PoisonInflicts damage over time. However, affected entities cannot die from this damage.NegativePotions of Poison, Arrows of Poison.
Eating a Poisonous Potato, Pufferfish, Spider Eye or Lily of the Valley Suspicious Stew.
Being hit by a Bee, Pufferfish, or Cave Spider.
WitherInflicts damage over time, which can kill affected entities.NegativePotions of Decay, Arrows of Deca.
Being hit by the Wither or a Wither Skeleton.
Being near a Wither Rose.
Consuming Wither Rose Suspicious Stew.
AbsorptionAdds damage absorption in the form of additional yellow hearts. These hearts cannot be regenerated. PositiveEating Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples.
Being near Totems of Undying.
SaturationRestores hunger and saturation.PositiveBlue Orchid Suspicious Stew or Dandelion Suspicious Stew
Glowing‌ (Java Edition Only)Outlines the affected entity, As a result, they can be seen through blocks,NeutralSpectral Arrows.
LevitationCauses the affected entity to float upwards.NegativeGetting hit by a shulker projectile
Slow FallingDecreases falling speed, completely preventing falling damage.PositivePotions of Slow Falling, Arrows of Slow Falling.
Conduit PowerReduces damage received.PositiveStanding in water near an active Conduit.
Dolphin’s Grace‌ (Java Edition Only)Increases swimming speed.PositiveStanding in water near a Dolphin
Bad OmenIncreases visibility while underwater and mining speed. Also prevents drowning.NeutralKilling an Illager Captain.
Hero of the VillageGives players discounts on villager trades and causes villagers to throw items at the player.PositiveSuccessfully defending against a raid on a village.
DarknessCauses an villager raid to start when the player enters a village.NegativeBeing near a Warden, or when a sculk shrieker activates.
Status Effects

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