All Obtainable Pikmin Types in Pikmin 4

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Here is a list of all obtainable Pikmin types in Pikmin 4.

The Pikmin series has been a great Nintendo Switch hit for the wide variety of tasks and activities that it provides the players with. But the game is mainly famous among the players due to the adorable characters called Pikmin. Nintendo has extended the roster of Pikmin by adding two new Pikmin to the list.

Pikmin is the main character of the famous Pikmin franchise. Each of the games of this franchise is based on stories related to these small creatures. There are nine types of Pikmin in Pikmin 4, with the introduction of two new types. In this guide, we will provide you with a list of all Pikmin types in the game.

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All Obtainable Pikmin Types

Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin Pikmin 4

Red Pikmin is the default Pikmin in the game and will be unlocked automatically at the very beginning of the game. You will first meet the Pikmin when you reach the Rescue Command Post. Red Pikmins are fire-resistant and have high attack power. They are also the most common type of Pikmin.

Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

The Blue Pikmin can be unlocked in the Sun-Speckled Terrace Area. This type of Pikmin mostly helps you finish tasks related to water. Blue Pikmin can jump through water bodies or even go under the water to help you finish different tasks.

Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

The Yellow Pikmin can be found for the first time in the Crackling Cauldron sublevel in the Sun-Speckled Terrace Area. Yellow Pikmin have the highest throwable range, making them the best Pikmins to pick up several items for you.

Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

Throw any Pikmin in the Violet Candydrop Buds in the Blossoming Arcadia and Hero’s Hideaway areas to get a Purple Pikmin. They are the strongest type of Pikmin, and the most ideal to use against fights. Each Purple Pikmin has a strength equal to Ten Pikmin.

White Pikmin

White Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

White Pikmin can be obtained from the Ivory Candypop Buds in many caves. But you will need to finish the main storyline beforehand to unlock this type of Pikmin. These are the fastest Pikmin in the game. Enemies who consume these Pikmins will get intoxicated with the toxic substances present in these Pikmins.

Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

Rock Pikmin can be unlocked in the Kingdom of Beasts cave in the Blossoming Arcadia area. Rock Pikmins are very similar to Purple Pikmins in terms of strength and speed. They can deal great damage to enemies with their attacks.

Winged Pikmin

Winged Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

Winged Pikmin can also be unlocked only in the post-game period. Complete the main storyline of the game, and search in different caves for the Winged Pikmin. They are not very useful to use against enemies during fights. However, these Pikmins can come in handy for transporting resources to places.

Ice Pikmin

Ice Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

This is one of the newest Pikmin making its debut through Pikmin 4. Ice Pikmin can be found for the first time in the first cave of the game, the Last-Frost Cavern in the Sun-Speckled Terrace Area. They don’t have any specific role, but these Pikmins can freeze the enemies or any large pond in a second.

Glow Pikmin

Glow Pikmin Pikmin 4
Nintendo Switch

Collect glow pellets during the night missions to unlock the Glow Pikmin. Glow Pikmins have also been introduced in the franchise for the first time through the release of Pikmin 4. These Pikmin can be used as a light source during the night time.

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