All Lore Item Locations in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

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Get to know about the rich history behind Mount Qaf!

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, has every bit of elements present in it to make it a great action-adventure. The world of Mount Qaf is immersive, intriguing, and full of secrets to uncover. Besides solving environmental puzzles and fighting enemies, you will also find hidden collectibles and unearth secrets of the terrain. You can dig out Sargon’s past and discover new secrets about Mount Qaf by collecting Lore items in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

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Lore Items are special collectibles that do not necessarily affect the gameplay but can give you insights about your and Mount Qaf’s history. Lore items add value to your cause and make the game more interesting. You can recognize them from far away by their sparklings. Quite a few such Lore items are available throughout the regions in Mount Qaf, and we can help you find them. So, without any further ado, jump in to learn about All Lore Item Locations in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown.

All Lore Item Locations in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

All Lore Item Locations in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

Below are all the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Lore Items we have discovered till now:

Lore ItemRegionWhere to Find
Hunter and Man-EaterLower CityFound next to a Wak-Wak Tree. Go left of the puzzle where you first gain the chakram and climb up the upper left area.
Missive 1
Lower CityFound nearby Wak-Wak Tree by the 3 arches.
Artisan Tools – Carpet Weavers
Lower CityFound below the Fast Travel Point, west of the Haven.
Architectural Drawings
Upper CityFound nearby the elevator. Head right and then find a passage to go upwards.
Dropped Locket
The DepthsFound in the area with poison floors. Go to the bottom right corner of the room Sargon fell into from the Upper City .
TiaraThe DepthsFound in the Catacombs, located in the eastern part of the first large section of the maze.
MirrorThe DepthsFound south of the Lower City entrance below the Goddess Statue.
Child’s Toy
The DepthsFound left of the Old Woman, located in the top right corner of the room where Sargon first fell into from the Upper City.
The Embrace of Athra
Hyrcanian ForestFound when returning to the Lower City after receiving the bow ability. Before the massive pit.
The Fall of the Hyrcanian Tribe
Hyrcanian ForestFound hidden below the exit of the Lower City, west of the place Menolias gives you the Chakram.
Tusk of ElrikHyrcanian ForestFound south of the second Wak-Wak tree through a hidden platform.
Botany Logs of Cyrus – The Soma Tree
Hyrcanian ForestFound nearby the Wak-Wak tree visited after first receiving the bow.
Broken Chain
Sacred ArchivesFound in a prison cell after getting captured by the jailer.
Note Pinned to a Rock Shaped Like an Eye
Sacred ArchivesFound nearby the left large spiked block north of the fast travel point of Sacred Archives.
Alchemist Diary Entry I
Sacred ArchivesFound in the large western area. Use the shifting platforms to lead up to where the diary rests atop a books pile.
Last Day at Work
Sacred ArchivesFound bottom of a chain elevator in the western area of the Archives.
Missive 3
Sacred ArchivesFound below the fast travel point of Temple of Knowledge.
Rusted Hook
Sunken Harbor.Found nearby the place Sargon speaks with Orod. Located east of the area with the Captain’s Lair.
Pirate Sea Shanty
Sunken HarborFound east of the fast travel point of Pirate Village , in the center of the beached ship icon area on the map.
Enormous Tooth of Azhdaha
Pit of Eternal SandsFound west of the place Sargon earns the Soul of Gilgamesh Astra Surge.
Legend from the Pit
Pit of Eternal SandsFound just below the sand pillar near the Wak-Wak tree next to the fast travel point of Sentinel’s Road.
Object Found in Azhdaha’s Lair
Pit of Eternal SandsFound below the Wak-Wak tree to the east of Azhdaha.
The Comb of a Princess
Raging SeaFound below the Wak-Wak tree and fast travel point of The Holds.
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