All Lomei Sky Labyrinth Terminals in The Legend of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom

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Lomei Sky Labyrinth Terminal Locations

Here are the locations of all the Lomei Sky Labyrinth Terminals in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the latest version of the famous gaming franchise. The game includes a lot of new features along with a lot of old ones, which can be seen in the previous versions of the game. The Lomei Labyrinth Islands in the Akkala Sea are one old feature that made a return.

Players are required to complete a lot of side quests along with the main missions that they are assigned. One of the side quests can be found at the Lomei Labyrinth Islands. Upon reaching the Mogisari Shrine, players will be taken inside a maze, and they need to activate four terminals to get out of the maze.

The locations of the terminals are very confusing for the players to understand. The maze itself is tough to navigate and pass through. However, this guide will give you important tips to complete the whole maze easily, along with the locations of the Lomei Sky Labyrinth Terminals.

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Is there any way to locate the Sky Labyrinth Terminals?

labyrinth terminals

After the door of the maze is opened, players will need to jump into the maze by gliding. Throughout the whole quest, players will need to travel around the maze using their glider. Inside the Labyrinth, the air pressures will make Link move around. However, players will need to manually control the updraft and the stamina of Link.

No specific coordinates or locations of the terminals can be provided. However, you can check the image attached above to get a clear idea about the locations of the four terminals. Note that you can activate any terminal whenever you want. The quest will be completed as long as you activate all the terminals; the order of doing so does not matter.

Keep an eye on your stamina bar while gliding around the maze. Opening the glider will lift Link up, and keeping it close will bring him down gradually. Make sure you don’t get too close to the ground and lose all your stamina. Using the glider and getting an updraft will also burn up Link’s stamina. So make sure you take proper rest before your stamina completely runs out.

Navigate through the maze, and take the left and right turns properly by looking at the map. You also have to higher or lower your altitude while gliding due to several obstacles that will be placed in your way. Reach all four terminals and activate them in order to activate the large terminal on the roof.

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