All Jobs in Palworld: A Complete Work List

Abir Hasan
By Abir Hasan
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Get a complete breakdown of all the jobs in Palworld!

Palworld blends the Monster-catching and Survival genres so brilliantly that you can play it for hours and still not get bored. The Pokemon-like creatures, Pals, play a huge part in your survival throughout the game. After you befriend them, they will come to your help in almost every task and feat. From gathering resources to crafting, they can be tasked with a variety of assignments. 

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But Pals have work suitability, so they can only be assigned to a specific set of jobs. And to do that organized, you have to keep an idea about all the jobs in Palworld. The game has a total of 12 jobs that are directly involved in your survivability. From base building to increasing attack strength, everything depends on the success of these Palworld jobs. Rest easy, as we can elaborate on these jobs. So, without any further ado, jump into our guide to find out about All Jobs in Palworld.

List of All Jobs in Palworld

All Jobs in Palworld A Complete Work List
Credit: Pocket Pair
Work nameWork type
GatheringPals with gathering suitability harvest crops from fields when they are fully grown, making way for replanting.
PlantingPals having Planting suitability with are assigned with sowing seeds in crop fields.
MiningPals who have mining suitability can extract resources and ores from mineral deposits.
Farming Pals having farming suitability work in ranch to produce goods like wool, milk, and eggs.
TransportingTransporter Pals carry goods from production structures to storage like chests.
LumberingPals with Lumbering suitability cut down trees at logging sites.
HandiworkPals with Handiwork craft goods in assembly lines.
KindlingKindler Pals generate heat for cooking, smelting, and lighting.
Medicine ProductionPals having Medicinal suitability produces medicinal supplies in stations.
WateringWatering Pals waters the growing crops and run water wheels to power different stations.
Generating ElectricityPals with Electric suitability generates electricity and supplies to electronics in your base.
CoolingPals having cooling suitability regulate refrigerator temperature keeping it cool for foods.
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