All House Of The Dead: Remake Cheat Codes

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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The classic House of The Dead makes its return as House Of The Dead: Remake in 2022. The remake also has some cheats that you can use to change up the gameplay. Here we will give you the list of cheats that you can use in House Of The Dead: Remake.

House of The Dead was one of the first franchises to popularize the zombie horror genre. It was also one of the first games to be in the arcades. Now it makes a return as a remake which is a faithful recreation of the original with better graphics.

Just like the classic House Of Dead game, this one also has some cheats you can try out. They can alter the gameplay quite a bit. That way, you can enjoy the game in different ways.

But not all the cheats can be activated when you start the game. Some cheats need you to complete a certain number of achievements before you can use them. Here is a list of all the cheats and how many achievements you need to have to activate them.

House Of The Dead Remake Cheat Codes

House Of The Dead: Remake remains faithful to the original game. It implements the old cheats in the game too. But the cheats activation now needs the completion of a certain number of in-game achievements.

No. of Achievement NeededWhat the Code DoesCheat Code
NoneUnlocks All the Secrets Characters(On the Character Screen) Hold R+L, then press up, down, X, Y, and Z
NoneShows High Score(On Pause Screen) Hold L+R, then press X, X, X
8 AchievementsGet Infinite AmmoPress L, R, L, R, B, B
16 AchievementsOne-Shot KillPress left, up, right, down, B, B
24 AchievementsUnlocks All WeaponsPress A, A, B, B, LB, RB
32 AchievementsUnlimited CreditPress up, up, up, R, B
40 AchievementsGod ModePress left, right, left, right, B, B

How To Enter Cheat Codes

Entering and activation of the cheat codes are very easy. The code entering works just like the classic game. Here, you can enter most of the codes while you are on the main menu.

To activate a code, you first need to meet the number of achievement required for it. If you don’t have the number of achievements, the code will not work.

But if you have the number of achievements needed to activate the code, go to the main menu. Then enter the code sequentially as written above. After you are done inputting the code, a message will show saying the code has been activated.

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