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Overwatch 2 has every Hero from its prequel version in addition to the latest ones. Like the previous one, all Overwatch 2 Heroes have unique Ultimate voice lines.

Overwatch 2 is a newly released 5v5 team-based action shooter. The game is a sequel to its predecessor, Overwatch, which was released back in 2016. Overwatch was massively popular and became the inspiration for most hero-shooter games today.

After six years, Blizzard has published the sequel that players have been waiting for quite some time. Additionally, Blizzard has made Overwatch 2 a free-to-play title. As a result, hundreds of thousands of players are flooding the servers with the expectation of finding out what’s new.

Although Overwatch 2 has implemented various new elements to the game, the core gameplay and features remain the same. The Heroes in Overwatch 2 are also no different. Every specific Hero in Overwatch 2 has a unique personality and features.

Similarly, these Heroes also have different voice lines in-game. These voice lines are distinguishable from each other. As a result, knowing these voice lines is a nice advantage to have as a player.

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This article was updated after the official launch of Overwatch 2 Season one.

How Many Heroes are There in Overwatch 2?

Although there were 32 Heroes in the prequel, Blizzard added three new Heroes to this newly released Overwatch 2. Later, Blizzard added two more heroes to the game. So, currently, there are a total of 37 Heroes in Overwatch 2.

Like before, the Heroes in Overwatch 2 are also divided into three categories: Tank, Damage, and Support. Among them are 11 Tank Heroes17 Damage Heroes, and 9 Support Heroes in Overwatch 2.

All the Ultimate Voice Lines

As mentioned earlier, every Hero in Overwatch 2 has specific voice lines. Their Ultimates are no exception in this regard. Before popping the Ultimate ability, every Hero uses a specific voice line or sound that alerts their teammates as well as enemies.

So, when you are in the middle of a nail-biting match against your opponents in Overwatch 2, knowing these Ultimate voice lines will help you make rational decisions no matter which team you are playing. So, this article will list all Ultimate voice lines for Overwatch 2 Heroes.

The Heroes in Overwatch 2 come from different places and backgrounds. As a result, some of the Ultimate voice lines for specific Heroes have diverse languages or sounds. So, for your convenience, we’ll also put English translations for those voice lines.

All the Ultimate Voice Lines
Credit: Blizzard

Here are all the Ultimate voice lines in Overwatch 2: “Nerf this!”

Doomfist: “Meteor strike!”

Junker Queen: “Time for the reckoning!

Orisa: “Meet your fate!”

Reinhardt: “Hammer down!”

Roadhog: *Angry Roadhog sounds*

Sigma: “The universe sings to me!” (Dutch)

Winston: *Primal rage roar*

Wrecking Ball: “Area denied!”

Zarya: “Fire at will!” (Russian)

Ashe: “Bob! Do something!”

Bastion: *Robotic sounds*

Cassidy: “It’s high noon!”

Echo: “Copies the ultimate of an opponent.”

Genji: “Take the blade of the dragon god!” (Japanese)

Hanzo: “Let the dragon consume my enemies!” (Japanese)

Junkrat: “Fire in the hole!”

Mei: “Freeze! Don’t move!” (Chinese)

Pharah: “Justice rains from above.”

Reaper: “Die…die…die”

Sojourn: “This ends now!”

Soldier 76: “I’ve got you in my sights!”

Sombra: “Turning out the lights!” (Spanish)

Symmetra: “This is the true reality!” (Hindi)

Torbjorn: “Molten core!”

Tracer: “Time to drop the bomb.”

Widowmaker: “No one can hide from my sight.”

Ana: “You’re powered up! Get in there.”

Baptiste: “Light them up!”

Brigitte: “Rally to me!”

Lucio: “Oh, let’s break it down!”

Mercy: “Heroes never die!”

Moira: “Surrender to my will!”

Zenyatta: “Experience tranquility.”

Kiriko: “Let the Kitsune guide you!”

Ramattra: “Suffer, as I have.”

Lifeweaver: “Life protects life.”

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These are all the Ultimate voice lines for each Hero in Overwatch 2. More voice lines will be added with every new Hero added to the game. So, as soon as Blizzard adds a new Hero to the game, we’ll update this article as quickly as possible.

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