All Endings in Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers

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Here are all the endings in Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers, and know how to get each of them.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition offers both the game with updated visuals and new features that make the game more comfortable or welcoming for newcomers.

Although Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is being criticized for its embarrassing performance issues, bugs, etc. The game is still the same legendary JRPG from the PlayStation era if you can get through those. As for new players, this is one of the finest RPG experiences you will get, with great characters, combat, and story while having multiple twists and endings.

Both Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers offer multiple endings. The first game’s endings depend on a lot of action and boss fights. Additionally, some can only be accessed during a second playthrough. While playing the game for the first time, you can only get either the Standard or the True ending. The rest can be experienced in the successive playthroughs with the help of the Time Egg.

This is nothing new for JRPGs nowadays. But back in 1999, gamers got shook by the combination of different timelines affecting the game’s conclusion. Meanwhile, Radical Dreamers is a visual novel with an alternate scenario of Chrono Cross, with some new storyline, revelations, and of course, endings.

Hence, this guide will walk you through the different endings in Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers, with details on how to activate them.

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All endings in Chrono Cross

  • No Beginning and no End (Bad Ending): Defeat the Time Devourer, and complete the game as usual without using Chrono Trigger for an ending that will leave you disheartened. It makes you curious to see the other ones.
  • Our Planet’s Dream is not Over Yet (True Ending): Head to Divine Dragon Falls after getting the Tear of Love in Home. Head inside the waterfall and the main quest Tears will combine to form Chrono Cross, the final element. Defeat Time Devourer by following some specific steps:
    • Build a large gride space and stamina, enough to cast multiple elements consecutively, at least 6 or 7. Cast the 6 element in the following order: Yellow -> Red -> Greed -> Blue -> Black -> White -> Chrono Cross.
    • Doing so will turn Time Devourer from evil instead of killing him. Additionally will also free the prisoner instead of killing him either.
    • If Time Devourer interferes by casting the wrong color, the process has to be done all over again.
  • A True Hero: Go off to defeat the Time Devourer at Opassa Beach after Kid becomes sick after the Viper Manor break-in.
  • A True Hero (Alternate): After Kid is cured, fight and defeat the Time Devourer without Nikki before entering Fort Dragonia.
  • Developer’s Room: Fight and Defeat the Time Devourer using the Time Egg as soon as the game starts. For this, you need more than one playthrough. In this ending, you can talk to developers as NPCs.
  • General Kid: Defeat Time Devourer instead of going to Viper Manor. Recruit anyone from Guile, Pierre, and Nikki, and make sure to not go too far into the Manor, where the entrance becomes locked. In this ending, Kid becomes a general and attempts to take over the world.
  • Magical Dreamers: Speak to Miki in the Magical Dreamer Ship when choosing a guide for Viper Manor. She will have you undergo a quest to save Nikki from Shadow Forest. Moving forward, after Kid becomes ill, tell Korcha the option of finding a cure. Defeat the Time Devourer with the new recruitable characters from here. They are Korcha, Razzly, and Mel.
  • Pride and Honour: Instead of pursuing Lynx with Riddel, Fargo, Viper, and Orcha on the S.S Invincible, use the Time Egg to Defeat the Time Devourer at Opassa Beach. The Dragoons take on Lynx instead.
  • Serge’s Plan: After players switch to Lynx for the first time. Play till you can access Opassa Beach for summoning Time Devourer and till you get to Arni Village. From here, start the fight with the Time Devourer from the Beach.
  • The Record of FATE: Harle leaves the party when they reachChronopolis. From here, start the battle with the Time Devourer from Opass Beach. The ending shows Lynx becoming FATE.
  • Galaxy Night: Head to Viper Manor (Another) with Norris and Karsh. Look for the chest placed on the right side of the throne room. Pick up the note behind the chest and go to Isle of the Damned. Battle Solt and Peppor and take the Memento Pendant from them. Recruit Riddle and head to Forgotten Island(Home) to battle Deva and Dario. After that, travel to Opass Beach and defeat Time Devourer. Make sure you do it before the Terra Tower rises. The ending shows some kids playing and happy, with a hair-raising conclusion.
  • Wicked Deeds: After FATE is defeated and the Terra Tower rises, head to Opass Beach to defeat the Time Devourer instead of going through it. The ending is dark and somber with some sacrifices.

All Endings in Radical Dreamers:

All Endings Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers
  • Le Tresor Interdit: The normal ending. It occurs if no alternate ending path is explored. i.e., the ones mentioned below.
  • Caught Between Love and Adventure: Head on to meet Lynx as soon as possible. Then go to Riddel’s room for the ending to activate.
  • Kid and the Sunflower: Instead of resting at night, follow Kid to the gardens for this ending to start.
  • Super Extreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra: Accept to rest, and when you wake up, go to the study room. Look at the painting with the Alien planet. The ending will trigger with the mysterious figure Mail appearing.
  • Homecoming Shea’s Light: After completing the standard ending( Le Tresor Interdit), a flash of light appears when entering Viper Manor. Instead of following through with the story, pursue the light.
  • Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Take the key from Lynx’s room, leave and re-enter the room for a secret door to open with a passage leading somewhere.
  • The Shadow Realm: Nap as soon as you can after the game starts. Then head to the study hall, and instead of looking at the Alien painting for another ending, interact with the bookcase. From here on, choose every option that favors being nice and romantic to Kid.

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