All Element Types in Honkai: Star Rail

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A guide on the element types and their effects in combat in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is a popular turn-based RPG with gacha elements created by the makers of Genshin Impact. The game embodies a traditional Japanese RPG-style turn-based combat system where you build a party of 4 characters into battle. Characters in Honkai: Star Rail follow a Path and have an Element associated with them.

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Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail’s combat system has the Elements mechanics, but it works differently in this game. In Star Rail, elements inflict weakness or break enemies’ defense in combat. Some elements in Honkai: Star Rail can be used to deal damage, immobilize them, or make them lose their turn.

This guide will mention all the Elements and their effects in Honkai: Star Rail.

Elements in Honkai: Star Rail

Enemies in Honkai: Star Rail have a set of elemental weaknesses displayed above their heads during combat. However, the enemies do not take additional damage if they are hit by the attacks of an element they are weak against.

Players can inflict a Weakness break on enemies by reducing their Toughness, which can completely disappear with enough hits. When their Toughness goes to zero, it causes Break, preventing them from attacking for one round.

Elements effect on Honkai: Star Rail
Elements effect on Honkai: Star Rail

When enemies enter a Break state, they cannot attack for one turn and will take increased damage from the rest of your allies that still have an active turn available. You can use an elemental attack on the enemies before you enter the battle, which will have a break effect on them at the start of combat.

Elements in Honkai: Star Rail
FireApplies the Burn effect, dealing Fire damage over time.
IceApplies the Frozen effect, which will immobilize the enemy and deal with Ice damage over time.
ImaginaryApplies the Imprisonment effect, reducing the enemies’ speed and delaying them.
LightningApplies the Shock effect, dealing Lightning damage over time.
PhysicalApplies the Bleed effect, dealing Physical damage over time.
WindApplies the Wind Shear effect, dealing Wind damage over time.
QuantumApplies the Entanglement effect, delaying enemies’ turn, and deals Quantum damage over time.
Elements and their effects in Honkai: Star Rail

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