All Crafting Books List in Forspoken

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Here are all the crafting books in Forspoken.

Like every other game, Forspoken offers the option of crafting your items besides buying them. As you go through your journey to the world of mystery and magic in Athia, you will be able to collect different raw materials. These will help you craft boost potions, nail designs, and more.

After collecting the raw materials, you will need to go to Crafting Benches and use them to craft items. However, to first craft items, you will need an essential thing called Crafting Books. So below, we have made a complete guide on all the crafting books and how to use them.

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All Crafting Books in Forspoken

Crafting Books will allow you to make gears that boost Frey’s stats. These boosts will range from resistance to various status elements to increasing damage output, defence, and critical hit rate. Furthermore, you can find 11 different crafting books in the game, and check out the list below to learn more about them.

How to Craft in Forspoken

To craft, you must go to a Crafting Bench or make a camp.

The first Crafting Bench you will come across is in the City of Cipal after you meet Olevia. When you get to a Crafting Bench, there will be two options, one will let you upgrade an item, and the other will let you craft an item. To upgrade an item, choose the item you want to upgrade. Apart from boosting, choose the Craft option on the left to craft new gear.

Crafting Books
Credits- Square Enix

How to get Crafting Books

To get Crafting books, you have to head off to the Old Book Vendors at Trading Spots and buy them using Old Coins. Old Coins are tough to get in the game, and you will only be able to get them through locked chests or exploring hidden areas in Forspoken.

All Crafting Books List

Crafting Book Name Details Coins Required to Buy
The Critical FacultiesGives a defence boost when you land a critical hit. Old Coin x1
Ode to VimIncreases resistance that reduces stamina recovery speed. Old Coin x1
Of Poisons, Toxins, Venoms, Venins, and ToxicantsIt increases poison resistance.Old Coin x2
Omnipresence: A TreatiseIt will increase resistance to being dazed.Old Coin x2
Fail Not, Falter NotIt will increase resistance to attack-reducing effects.Old Coin x4
To Thine Own Self Be TrueIt will increase the duration of beneficial effects cast on the self.Old Coin x4
Gift of the Great TreeIt offers immunity to effects that reduce defence.Old Coin x6
Nargok the UnstoppableIt offers immunity to effects that reduce attack.Old Coin x6
Ballad of the Boiling BloodIt increases critical hit damage.Old Coin x6
Endure, Thrive, SurviveIt gives immunity to poison.Old Coin x8
Infinitum VitaleIt will give you immunity to effects that reduce stamina recovery speed.Old Coin x8

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