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Here is how you can get all the cloaks in Forspoken.

Forspoken is a new PS5 and PC exclusive where you will be transported to a different world full of magic and chaos. Playing as the protagonist Frey Holland, you will have to adapt to the new world called Athia. Furthermore, here you will have to learn magic and tricks to survive and protect yourself from the dangers that come.

Forspoken is an exciting game that gained a lot of hype due to the gameplay, released in 2021. Apart from the unique movement mechanics, Forspoken also features different gears that Frey can use to enhance her abilities. One of these gears is called Cloaks, and below, we have listed all the Cloaks in Forspoken.

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All Cloaks in Forspoken

Forspoken will allow you to customize your character differently, including the rings you wear and the cloaks you put on. These have special roles that will improve your power and magical abilities. So what are Cloaks? Well, these are pieces of your gear that will give you a stat boost that can help you defeat enemies and fight off foes with ease.

There are around 25 of these cloaks scattered across Athia. You will get your first CLoak in chapter 3, and as you progress through the game, so will your cloak collection. Moreover, check out the list below of all the cloaks in Forspoken.

Forspoken Cloaks
Credit- Square Enix

All Cloaks and Locations

Cloak NameDetails Location
AudaciousDamage is Reduced when the Cuff blocks and you have total Stamina.
Health +5%, Red Magic +2%, Purple Magic +2%
Complete The Ruins of Mercador in Visoria: Visorian Plateau.
BonifateIncreases critical rate when Surge Magic is fully charged and also causes critical hits to poison enemies occasionally.Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Field in Visoria: Humble Plain.
BoundlessIt Causes Surge Magic to charge more quickly when Attack Magic is used while parkouring.Complete The Cave: Redclaw Cavern in Visoria: Academy Hills.
DauntlessDamage taken when Cuff blocks is reduced.Complete The Cave: Brass Cavern in Praenost: Brass Hollow.
DiversIncreases damage dealt when health is at maximum.Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Hill in Junoon: The Blessed Plains.
FainHealth +5%, Red Magic +2%, Purple Magic +2%Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Mountain Base in Avoalet: The Fountainfields.
FaultlessImproved Critical Hit rate when HP is high.Complete The Molybdos Guild in Avoalet: The Untrodden Forest.
FearlessRestores health when enemies are defeated.Complete The Oxys Guild in Junoon: Farcoast Terrace.
ForfendIncreases damage dealt when spells are cast less often, along with various other beneficial effects.Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Castle in Junoon: Cipalian Way.
GraciousDefense Boost when healing item is used.Complete The Bhulna Villa in Junoon: Physic Garden.
Hooded CloakRed Magic +2%, Defense +5%, Critical hits can boost attack.Automatically unlocks after completing Chapter 3.
IncomparableEvading Piercing Attacks with Parkour Restores Health & Flow Speed Increased Complete The Forbidden Meadow in “Junoon: The Harvest Lands”.
InfallibleFlow Effect last longer and Recovering from Defenselessness boosts your surge magic recharge rate. Complete The Village: Kabosharr in Avoalet: Golden Hills.
JudiciousProtects the wearer from being dazed.Complete The Village: Gyuzel in Avoalet: The Water Garden.
LiefSurge Magic Can Absorb Health from Enemies.
Red Magic +2%, Purple Magic +2%
Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Barrier in Praenost: The Guardians’ Way.
MonsterfulCauses Cuff Counters to occasionally boost attack power, along with various other beneficial effects. Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Forest in Junoon: The Wolfwoods.
PelerineCritical hits can restore health.Bought from Trader in the center of Cipal, trade for 1 Poppet
PuissantEnemy numbers boost Surge Magic recharge rate.Complete The Locked Labyrinth: Cliff in Praenost: The Citadel.
StranithDebuffs on self recover more quickly.Bought from Trader in the center of Cipal, trade for 1 Poppet
UnbrokenCritical Hits Absorbs Enemy Health & Boost Surge Magic Recharge Rate. Cuff Counters Improve Surge Magic Recharge RateBuy a Sewing Kit from Curiosity Shop in Inner Visoria. Then use the Crafting Table to make it. It will costs you 3 Fluteblossoms, 3 Bumbershoot, and 3 Lucid Garlands.
UnstoppableAttack Magic triggered during parkour deals extra damage.Complete The Militis Academy in Praenost: The Mustering Ground.
UnsurpassableStamina Boosted When Vuff Makes a Last Chance Block & Improved Stamina Recovery SpeedComplete The Niccoline Guild in Visoria: South Plateau.
ValorousSurge magic recharge rate boosted when Cuff blocks.Completing Village: Ligare in Praenost: The Guardians’ Way.
VerimentBoosts various stats and attributes when health is very low.Complete the Locked Labyrinth: North in Visoria: Visorian Ishtmus.
WhilomImproves the critical hit rate of Support Magic, and boosts Support Magic recharge speed when health is full.Complete The Locked Labyrinth: West in Visoria: Visorian Plateau.

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