All Chapters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Wondering how many chapters there are inside Fire Emblem Warriors? We have you covered.

The new Fire Emblem game is on Nintendo Switch, and this hack-and-slash gives you hours of content to enjoy. Keeping honest with its predecessor, this Fire Emblem features a similar kind of combat. In addition, in this game, players can explore three different campaigns, and each character can choose which house they want to represent. Moreover, if you are wondering how big the campaign is and how many chapters are inside the game. Below we have made a complete guide on all chapters in Fire Emblem Warriors.

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All Chapters In Fire Emblem Warriors

There are a total of 5 Arcs you will play in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Inside these five arcs are multiple chapters you will have to finish for each path you choose. Two of Arcs out of the 5 are mandatory to complete regardless of which character you decide to go. However, the rest of them are dependent on you and which path you choose.

Inside the game, the chapters listed below are not what you might experience in the game. At some point in the game, you will have to decide between one house or the other. Depending on that path, your story will move on, and you will have to complete the chapters. Apart from the main storyline, Fire Emblem has side quests to explore as well, just like every other JRPG. Below we have made the complete list of all chapters inside the game, along with the side quest:

The Dawning

  • Chapter 0: Crossed Roads


  • Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter
  • Chapter 2: Three Houses
  • Chapter 3: The Shadows of Adrestia – If the Black Eagles were chosen.
  • Chapter 3: Crisis in Fhirdiad – If the Blue Lions were chosen.
  • Chapter 3: The Battle for the Locket – If the Golden Deer were chosen.

Scarlet Blaze (Adrestian Empire)

Part I

  • Chapter 4: The Struggle Commences
  • Chapter 5: Skirmish in the Fog
  • Chapter 6: Bridge of Betrayal
  • Chapter 7: The Triumph of Valor
  • Chapter 8: The Maiden’s Peril
  • Chapter 9: Unrest in Enbarr

Part II

  • Chapter 10: Shifting History
  • Chapter 11: Heroic Bloodlines
  • Chapter 12: The Rising Darkness
  • Chapter 13: Severing the Past
  • Chapter 14: A Clash of Ambitions
  • Chapter 15: Torment of the Eagle and Lion

Azure Gleam (Holy Kingdom of Faerghus)

Part I

  • Chapter 4: To War!
  • Chapter 5: Skirmish in the Fog
  • Chapter 6: Conspiracy in the Air
  • Chapter 7: The King Awakens
  • Chapter 8: The Blood-Stained Lance
  • Chapter 9: Reunion at the Fortress City

Part II

  • Chapter 10: Fanaticism
  • Chapter 11: Reprisal
  • Chapter 12: A trick of the Goddess
  • Chapter 13: Clash of Torment
  • Chapter 14: The Absent Emperor
  • Chapter 15: The End of Tragedy

Golden Wildfire (Leicester Alliance)

Part I

  • Chapter 4: To War!
  • Chapter 5: The Golden Guardian
  • Chapter 6: The Leader’s Stratagem
  • Chapter 7: A Contest of Beasts
  • Chapter 8: What Makes a King
  • Chapter 9: The End of the Alliance

Part II

  • Chapter 10: Love and Loss
  • Chapter 11: The Sword Swings Wide
  • Chapter 12: Two Kings
  • Chapter 13: Darkness Attacks
  • Chapter 14: A Symbol of the Past
  • Chapter 15: Field of Beginnings

Side Quest

  • Dorothea & Manuela: A Grand Day for the Opera Company
  • Monica & Bernadetta: An Incurable Shut-In
  • Mercedes, Annette & Constance: A Night of Wonder
  • Ferdinand, Lorenz & Constance: A Noble Among Nobles
  • Jeralt, Byleth & Leonie: A Reason to Fight
  • Cycles of Nostalgia
  • Gatekeeper: Eagles, Lions, and Deer
  • Edelgard, Lysithea & Hapi: Enshrouded Memories
  • Alois, Jeralt, Shamir, Catherine & Gustave: Evil’s Bane and Love’s Protection
  • Caspar & Linhardt: Like Cats and Dogs
  • Catherine, Ashe & Yuri: Love and Hate in Wartime
  • Leonie & Shamir: Mercenary Complications
  • Dimitri, Sylvain & Rodrigue: Raiders from the North
  • Holst, Balthus & Hilda: Right Where They’re Wanted
  • Lysithea: Under the Protection of the Golden Deer
  • Raphael, Ignatz & Lorenz: Unsettling Truths
  • Yuri, Balthus, Constance & Hapi: The Ashen Wolves’ Reunion
  • Rhea, Seteth, Flayn & Cyril: The Saints’ Forge
  • Hubert, Jeritza & Petra: The Seiros Snare
  • Hilda & Marianne: What Lies Within
  • Dedue, Ingrid & Felix: Wildflowers for the Future

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