All Available Flying Mounts in Palworld

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Get to know about all the Flying Pals!

Palworld has turned out to be one of the most entertaining open-world survival games in recent times. All because of its unique Pokemon-like creatures called Pals. Palworld is like any other crafting survival but with Pals extensively helping you in it. They will craft, gather resources, and fight enemies for you. Moreover, some pals can also act as your mount and help you traverse the open world. Several Pal mounts are found in Palworld and can be specified as ride, surfing, weapon, and Flying mounts.

Flying Mounts in Palworld are hands down one of the most useful mounts, and every player must have one. Using flying Pals, you can travel faster, scout areas, carry out aerial attacks, and enjoy the scenic map to its fullest. A list of Palworld Flying mounts is available throughout the world, and we can help you know more about them. So, without any further ado, jump in to find out about All Available Flying Mounts in Palworld.

Palworld: All Available Flying Mounts

All Available Flying Mounts in Palworld
Credits: Pocket Pair
NameTypeProbable LocationPartner Skill
AstegonDragon/DarkNortheast side of the Palpagos IslandsBlack Ankylosaur
BeakonElectricFound in the snowy areasThunderous
JetragonDragonWestern side of the Palpagos IslandsAerial Missile
ElphidranDragonSoutheastern edge of the Palpagos IslandsAmicable Holy Dragon
HelzephyrDarkNortheast and Middle parts of the Palpagos IslandsWings of Death
FalerisFireNortheast side of the Palpagos IslandsScorching Predator
FrostallionIceEast of the Land of Absolute ZeroIce Steed
RagnahawkFireAround Mount ObsidianFlame Wing
QuivernDragonSouthwestern Islands of the Palpagos IslandsSky Dragon’s Affection
NitewingNeutralFound all aroundTravel Companion
ShadowbeakDarkNortheast side of the Palpagos IslandsModified DNA
SuzakuFireNorth of the Palpagos IslandsWings of Fire
Suzaku AquaWaterDoes not Spawn naturallyWings of Water
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