All Archaic Stone Locations: Genshin Impact v2.6

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Archaic Stone Locations

Here are all archaic stone locations required for the new Liyue world quest ‘Says He Seeks Stones’.

Version 2.6 update of Genshin Impact just dropped recently and players are enjoying the new content. One of the most anticipated characters, 5-star Hydro sword user Kamisato Ayato is finally released. With version 2.6, the newest area The Chasm has been unlocked for the players to explore. New area, quests, and lots of puzzles as well.

For a new world quest ‘Says He Who Seeks Stones’, players need to collect 3 Archaic stones for Muning in order to complete the quest. In this guide, we share the location of every Archaic Stone found in The Chasm area. 

Archaic Stone Locations

Archaic Stone Locations. Credit: Teyvat Interactive Map
Archaic Stone Locations. Credit: Teyvat Interactive Map

There are a total of nine(9) locations where you can find the Archaic Stones, as you can see from the picture above. The Archaic Stones are found on the end of a cliff inside The Chasm.

Here are the locations of each Archaic Stone for players to navigate to.

Each will mention how to reach from the closest teleporter.

  1. Nearby a bedrock key in the southwest, it’s way down by a body of water.
    South waypoint, just head west, it’ll be past a spot with a Ruin Guard & Ruin Grader.
  2. Nearby is another bedrock key south that has a bunch of treasure hoarders.
    South waypoint, head east near bedrock key spot and head up the elevator to the top and continue to head east to find it.
  3. On the top of a cliff that overhangs the camp to the east.
    Teleport to the camp where you start the bedrock key side quest, circle around to the entrance of the Chasm, and climb up the walls and to the end of the cliff.
  4. On top of a cliff on the south of the map. South of bedrock key found with number 2.
  5. South near a hilichurl camp, it should be southwest from the bedrock key in number 1.
    Just go west after number 4 until you see hilichurls mining at a spot.
  6. On a cliff on the far west by the statue, it’s under where the flower is for the 6 treasures sidequest.
    Go to the statue and head west, go a little bit south to find it at the end.
  7. On top of a cliff just a bit south of the domain.
    Go to Statue and climb up the cliffs over the domain to find it.
  8. On top of a cliff northeast of the domain.
    Teleport to the northmost teleporter, climb up the cliffs while going south.
  9. In a cave nearby a body of water, slightly southwest of the domain and close to the cave bedrock key.
    Go to the domain, head down, go to the front opening and go down.

Here are some pictures as references to find them easier.

Archaic Stone #1
Archaic Stone #1
Archaic Stone #2
Archaic Stone #2

You are required to gather three(3) Archaic Stones to complete the world quest. After collecting the stones, head back to Muning and give him the stones to complete the quest.

Submitting 3 Archaic Stones to Muning
Submitting 3 Archaic Stones to Muning

And, you’re done! That’s it for now. Make sure to check out GameRiv for more Genshin Impact guides and more version 2.6 update contents.

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