ALGS Year 4 Pro League’s Schedule and Timings

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By Mehraj Mahdin
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All you need to know about the upcoming competitive ALGS Year 4 Pro League Schedule.

Apart from the casual side, Apex Legends has a thriving E-sports scene with numerous teams fighting for the top position. The Apex Legends Global Series, or ALGS, is entering its 4th year, and the stakes are as high as ever. With the popularity rising with each Split, it’s only natural that we talk about the ALGS Year 4 Schedule.

EA has laid out the entire plan for the year. The roadmap for the ALGS is clear, and teams have ample time to prepare. The first stage of the road to the Championship starts with the Pro League.

ALGS Year 3 Champions
credit: joe brady/ ea

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ALGS Year 4 Pro League Schedule

The ALGS Pro League takes place over 4 major regions. These regions have their own set of qualifiers, teams, and broadcasting talent. However, South America was excluded from the Pro League circuit and was relegated to having a challenger circuit dedicated to the region. EA revealed the dates for the first Split of the regional Pro Leagues.

Split 1 StagesNorth AmericaEMEAAPAC NorthAPAC South
Day 1January 21January 21January 21January 20
Day 2-3January 27-28January 27-28January 28January 27
Day 4-5February 5-11February 4-10February 4February 3
Day 6-7March 2-3March 2-3February 10February 11
Day 8-9March 9-10March 9-10March 2March 3
Regional FinalsMarch 17March 17March 9March 10

The games are available to watch for free on Twitch and YouTube.

What is the Pro League Format?

The ALGS Pro League is a regional tournament where invited and qualified teams compete over multiple sets of games. 30 teams in each region will be seeded into three groups of ten teams each using ALGS Year 3 and Preseason Qualifier performance. Afterward, teams will compete in a double round-robin format. A total of 36 games will be played in the regular season. Each group will play against one another. Finally, at the end of the split, the top teams will qualify for the regional playoffs. The slot distribution for the Split 1 Playoffs is as follows:

  • North America – 12 Teams
  • EMEA – 8 Teams
  • APAC North – 8 Teams
  • APAC South – 8 Teams
  • China – 2 Invited Teams
  • South America – 2 Teams

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The detailed schedule will be published as the Pro League progresses. Meanwhile, check out what awaits in the ALGS Year 4 season, and stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening.

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