AC Mirage: 15 Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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If you are one of the beginners in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, here are some beginners tips and tricks in AC Mirage, every player should know.

In the vibrant streets of Baghdad, a young assassin’s journey begins. You have to master the bustling city, swift parkour, and lethal hidden blade in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the franchise’s intimate return to its stealth roots.

From combat to exploration, Mirage’s complex mechanics can overwhelm new assassins. We dispel the confusion with fundamental tips to hone your skills. You will learn to scale buildings gracefully, disappear into crowds stealthily, and vanquish targets decisively.

Follow our guide to understand Mirage’s nuances quickly. We’ll cover unique gear for an edge, efficient ability use, and secret shortcuts across rooftops. With these essential tricks, you’ll traverse the chaotic city like a veteran assassin. Parkour through Baghdad’s alleys and bazaars on the way to your next exhilarating kill.

Beginners Tips and Tricks in AC Mirage

15. Leverage Social Stealth and Crowds

Leverage Social Stealth and Crowds

Blending into the bustling crowds of Baghdad keeps you hidden in plain sight. You can hire groups of merchants to safely escort you past dangers. You should use crowds as cover when completing objectives in contested areas. Social stealth lets you vanish amidst the city’s endless commotion.

14. Manage Notoriety and Wanted Level

Manage Notoriety and Wanted Level

You must avoid committing crimes before civilians openly to keep your wanted level low. You should also tear down wanted posters in districts to reduce notoriety. Higher notoriety brings more aggressive pursuers, so be cautious.

13. Exploit the Power of Whistling

Exploit the Power of Whistling

A deceptively simple tool, whistling serves many purposes. You can distract patrolling guards and pull them into secluded areas for quiet takedowns. This stealthy tactic maintains your anonymity while dispatching threats efficiently.

12. Unlock Synchronization Points First

Unlock Synchronization Points First

You should make unlocking synchronization points a top priority. These towering perches enable convenient, fast travel across Baghdad’s sprawling districts. Skipping them leads to frustratingly long journeys by foot or mount. You can synchronize each region early for smooth navigation.

11. Take Advantage of Long Journeys with Auto-Travel

Take Advantage of Long Journeys with Auto-Travel

Traversing Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s extensive map can become tedious, especially before synchronizing all fast travel points. But you can avoid manually trekking long distances by leveraging your mount’s auto-travel feature.

Simply set a marker on or near your destination, then summon your mount by holding right on the D-Pad. With auto-travel activated, you can sit back while your horse or camel carries you seamlessly to the marker.

10. Eliminate Archers for Aerial Freedom

Eliminate Archers for Aerial Freedom

Archers disrupt Enkidu’s flight, limiting your scouting potential. You should make removing them a priority to maintain the bird’s maneuverability. This grants you continual access to an indispensable perspective.

09. Amass Wealth through Pickpocketing

Amass Wealth through Pickpocketing

The richest pickings come from Baghdad’s affluent districts. You can rob NPCs. This will grant you Merchant tokens for shop discounts, allowing you to buy the best equipment for less. You can also sell pilfered trinkets to rapidly build wealth.

08. Utilize Fast Travel Between Bureaus

Utilize Fast Travel Between Bureaus

You should discover the convenience of fast traveling between Hidden Ones Bureaus. These liberation hubs save you significant time crisscrossing Baghdad’s massive districts. You can use them to quickly traverse the sprawling city.

07. Embrace Enkidu’s Scouting

Embrace Enkidu's Scouting

Your avian ally, Enkidu reveals clues from the sky. Use the bird’s oversight to pinpoint collectibles and locate essential items. Without Enkidu’s aerial view, you will undoubtedly miss valuable details.

06. Exploit Environment and Assassin’s Focus

Exploit Environment and Assassin's Focus

Get creative with your surroundings to take out enemies efficiently. You can use explosive containers or loose hanging objects to inflict damage from afar. Assassin’s Focus highlights these environmental opportunities and allows teleportation between hiding spots for stealthy repositioning.

05. Upgrade Tools Strategically

Upgrade Tools Strategically

You must allocate resources wisely when enhancing tools and weapons. You should prioritize those suiting your play style, like smoke bombs for distractions or daggers for quick assassinations. The right upgrades make you a more efficient killer.

04. Complete Tales of Baghdad for Skill Points

Complete Tales of Baghdad for Skill Points

You have to discover the Tales of Baghdad found throughout districts. Though shorter than contracts, these tales provide valuable skill points to customize your abilities. You must invest wisely to match your preferred assassin style.

03. Master the Rostam Sword

Master the Rostam Sword

You should complete the Weapons Dealer contract to obtain the formidable Rostam Sword. With high base damage and escalating consecutive hit bonuses, this blade dominates fights. You must get this sword early, and no foe can withstand its relentless onslaught.

02. Adopt the Zanj Uprising Outfit

Adopt the Zanj Uprising Outfit

You must acquire this legendary outfit from a boat gear chest to reduce notoriety gains, enabling easier city navigation. You can upgrade the armor with schematics for added stealth, combat, and exploration benefits befitting a master assassin.

01. Harness the Deadly Duo Weapons

Harness the Deadly Duo Weapons

You have to acquire the legendary Hidden Ones dagger and sword early on. Their unique poison synergies add damage over time to your strikes. Together, these tools of death give you an edge in combat.

These 15 beginner tips and tricks in AC Mirage will be helpful while playing the game. For more tips and tricks like this, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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