A Plague Tale: Requiem – How To Get Secret Armor

Everybody loves secrets hidden away in games and their speciality. Learn how to find the secret armor in A Plague Tale: Requiem.

A Plague Tale: Requiem has a very easy-to-miss armor hidden away in Chapter 9. As the game is linear and doesn’t focus on exploring open areas, only curious players may stumble upon this valuable piece of armor in the game. Moreover, you must also solve a puzzle hidden away in plain sight to access this wearable item.

Called the Bracer, this hidden armor gives Amicia faster health regeneration by letting her recover from attacks more quickly, making her more durable in combat and survivability. Furthermore, there are a lot of moments in the game where things can get intense, be it surrounded by multiple enemies or running away from danger. So this secret Armor ability makes things easier. But the downside is that it’s only available much later in the game; Chapter 9. Nevertheless, in the later chapters, there are a lot of combat-heavy areas, including fending off groups of foes trying to kill or apprehend you.

This A Plague Tale: Requiem guide will show you how to find this valuable Bracer secret armor. So that you can fight through the bigger and more horrifying challenges that await you in this wonderful sequel.

The Bracer Secret Armor Puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Plague Tale Requiem How To Find Secret Armor
credits: Asobo Studio

In Chapter 9: Tales and Revelations, Amicia head down the stairways to the courtyard of the Palace. Talk to the soldier guarding the entrance to get outside the Palace grounds into a beautiful wide area of meadows, greenery, and a few windmills. The puzzles revolve around the windmills.

After the cutscene with Sophia ends, head right towards the windmills and walk past them to the stone arches. A ladder takes you to an underground cave at the end of this path. Head to the back of the cave to find some signs and symbols referring to windmills. This hints at a puzzle existing within the windmills and hints at its solution. The conversation between Amicia and Hugo also hints at it, saying they should get back. Hence, head back outside to the windmills and investigate them.

Plague Tale Requiem How To Find Secret Armor
credits: Asobo Studio

If you’re in a hurry, don’t want to explore, and only want the armour, complete the puzzle directly.

Windmill Puzzle Solution for The Bracer Secret Armor

The windmill is marked with a number on the door, 1 to 4. The four buildings are set in descending order of these numbers from left to right. The puzzle is straightforward. All you need to do is make sure some windmills spin while some are stopped. After that, you must enter the mills in various ways to stop the windmill, which requires a bit of effort and exploration. But now that you’re reading this guide, you don’t have to go through the troubles of spending precious time figuring out how to stop or turn on the windmills.

Considering left to right, the first two windmills have to be turned on, and the last two have to be off. That is, Windmill IV and III should spin, II and I remain stopped.

Windmill IV

Left of the entrance, there is a cart. Crawl under the cart and climb up the ladder to find a window barely boarded with planks. Use the slingshot to shoot the lock on the door through the window. This opens the locked door at the entrance.

Head inside and pull the lever to turn the windmill one.

Windmill III

Windmill III is already spinning, so you don’t have to enter it. But if you want to collect items, push the cart at the back of this structure to reveal a hole. Send Hugo in, and he’ll unlock the door.

Windmill II

Plague Tale Requiem How To Find Secret Armor Bracer
credits: Asobo Studio

Get behind the windmill to find a rope attached to a post. Pull it, and some crates will fall. Climb up the boxes to gain access to the windmill. Push the lever to stop the mill from spinning. Unlock the door to leave.

Windmill I

Plague Tale Requiem Secret Armor Bracer
credits: Asobo Studio

The door to this windmill is already open. Head in and push the level to stop the blades from spinning.

This completes the puzzle. Now that you’re done with it, head back to the cave beyond the stone arches. You’ll notice that the walls with the marking at the end are raised, revealing a new area. Enter and head to the end of the path. You will find some useful items and a box sitting on some crates. Interact to start a cutscene that shows Amicia getting hold of the Bracer secret Armor.

Congratulations, now you know how to find the secret armour in A Plague Tale: Requiem. Don’t miss this helpful equipment, and make yourself stronger and enduring against all odds.

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