A new leak reveals that Caitlyn and Blitzcrank are getting Legendary skin in 2021

Legendary skin tier Battle Academia Caitlyn and Space Groove Blitzcrank skins coming in 2021, according to a new leak.

2020 was a great year for Riot Games in terms of skin released in League of Legends and in the Season 2021 Cinematic, Riot confirmed that they will continue to bring exciting new skins in the game. In the first three patches, they already released Warden, Marauder, Ruined, Shan Hai, and Lunar Beast skins.

Moreover, the early 2021 skin leak revealed bee skin for Yuumi and Malzahar, new skin for Lux, and Space Groove skin for Blitzcrank.

And now, Brazilian Streamer “Streamie” who apparently leaked  Lillia, Yone, and some others in the past has further leaked that there will have 2 new legendary skins in League of Legends. One will be the Battle Academia Caitlyn and another one will be the Space Groove Blitzcrank that was unveiled earlier.

With the new Battle Academia skin, Caitlyn will now have her second legendary in the game while it will be the first legendary skin for Blitzcrank.

The release date of the skins is still unknown but based on the previously leaked skins coming out in the first three patches, we can expect to see the new legendary skins in the next few patches.