A New Exclusive Enduring Sword Talon Splash Art Revealed For Chinese LoL

Riot Games adds a new splash art to Enduring Sword Talon’s chroma only for Chinese League of Legends.

League of Legends is one of the most played games of all time, all over the world. But this game is most prevalent in China. In North America, there is only one server; meanwhile, in China, there are 27 different servers with approximately 75 million monthly active players. Other regions pale in comparison to China.

Not only is the player base high in China, but they also have different skin tastes and champions compared to the rest of the world. Various surveys taken by Riot show that players pick all sorts of skins for their favorite skins in most countries. But in China, players love to pick cute or cleaner skins. Such as, in the VGU poll for 2021, where the rest of the world Voted for Crime City Nightmares skins, China, on the other hand, voted for Debonair 2.0 skins. This survey and polls show how different Chinese players taste compared to the rest of the world.

Moreover, some skins are also well-liked in China. One of those skins is Dragon Fist Lee Sin. This skin is so prevalent in China that they even have unique splash art for all his chromas. And these custom and unique splash arts are exclusive only to China. So Riot wants to add more custom splash arts for chromas exclusive to China.

Riot Games officially posted a new unique splash art for Enduring Sword Talon’s Chroma on their official Chinese website.

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Enduring Sword Talon (Rose Quartz)

Enduring Sword Talon is a very average skin for Talon. Not bad by any means, but other skins are far superior compared to Enduring Sword Talon. But this skin is extremely popular in China. So much so that it is even receiving a unique splash art for its Rose Quartz chroma, the most desirable chroma for this skin.

This new splash art looks entirely like a new skin. It would be a new prestige skin that Riot would add nowadays. This splash art resembles more of a Spirit Blossom skin. At this moment, the default splash image seems dull.

Even though this new splash art is far superior to the default splash art, Riot will most probably not add this in the global version since it’s exclusive to China. But we still hope we get this unique splash art for chromas.

Splash Art

Enduring Sword Talon (Rose Quartz)
Image Credits: Riot Games

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