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Shekhar Rudra
By Shekhar Rudra
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Gaming has been something that has invariably caught the attention of the current generation. The gorgeous design has been one of the prime prerequisites in making any game a worthy option to play. In today’s post, we will focus on the best designs of video games that you would have found extremely unique in more ways than one. 

1. Assassin’s Creed – The Hood

In the stories in the game Assassin’s Creed, there are several heroes who are actually separated by thousands of years and multiple generations in between. However, one of the things that you would find quite common among them is the HOOD! This has become the most cherished visual hallmark of the game. While each of the characters in the game has its own specific attire, the hood is the common accessory. 

While fashion and style might have undergone several changes over the centuries, the hood has remained ubiquitous throughout the evolution of fashion. That is precisely why the makers of Assassin’s Creed made it a point to make the hood one of the prime options to go with. The Hood has been used in the game in a very subtle, stylish, and visual way. It does look quite remarkable and provides you with a better insight into the characters and the era that they live in. 

2. Shadow of the Colossus – The Colossi

The developers behind the game, Team Ico, have been known for their minimalistic design. The gaming world in most of its games is relatively sparse and beautiful. The strength of the design in the game is its design of the different worlds. 

The worlds here are atmospheric and offer you several attractions that include beasts that live in them. They appear part organic and part made by humans. The ancient-looking fur and leathery skin can be quite enjoyable. The bizarre and aesthetic-looking beasts definitely make the best of your game ever. The beasts and worlds appear intimidating and sympathetic at the same time. There is a strange kind of grey morality in the game, and that should perhaps need you to indulge in a selfish pursuit. You need to kill the monsters, but you will always have a sense of guilt when killing them. 

3. Metal Gear Solid – The Metal Gear RAY

The designs in the game appear quite unique and exciting in more ways than one. Created by the Illustrator Yoji Shinkawa, the design of the game has indeed been something that you would keep looking forward to for the best in terms of your enjoyment. 

The mechanical design in the game is quite unique in several ways. However, one of the most interesting ones among all the creations in the movie is the Metal Gear RAY which is an amphibious bipedal tank. The organic design of the tank makes it stand apart from the rest. It simply appears like a vast sea creature. The hand-drawn sketches can further make it one of the most unique options that you would find quite unique when it comes to the best in terms of the perfect design elements in a game. 

4. The Portal in Aperture Science 

Portal in the game Aperture Science is perhaps one of the best design elements that you would find quite unique. The clever and multidimensional puzzles should indeed prove to be entirely instrumental in making it one of the unique choices. 

Every element in the game has been designed with due care for a bolder design and instant recognition. You name the buttons, switches, cubes, and everything else; you will find the things quite excellent. The visual language used in the design should make it one of the unique choices in multiple ways. You will notice a great combination of mechanics and design. The visual language in the game has been entirely intrinsic to the gameplay. You would definitely find it an excellent choice for almost every need that you are looking for in a smart game. Even the environments in the game are quite complex. Despite being a game that is created as a barebones option, it does impress you with one of the most excellent ways ever. The game has been designed and set hundreds of years into the future. 

5. Fall Out – The Vault Boy

If you have played the game Fall Out, you would have found Vault Boy to be one of the most exciting and unique creations. The character is designed inspired by the 50s advertisements. The Vault Boy is an advertising mascot designed for the company referred to as Vault-Tec. The company builds atomic shelters. 

The smiling face of the Vault Boy in an ear after the post-nuclear damage is quite ironic. In fact, Vault Boy has been integrated into the entire game. Your skills, achievements, and everything that you do in the game are represented by the smiling face of Vault Boy. And the appearance of the mascot is indeed designed quite naturally. The design of the mascot is aesthetic at its best and provides you an insight into the classic icons such as the mascot of the Big Boy restaurants. The game is influenced by the ’50s Americana and has been quite unique and exciting in many ways. In fact, the movie appears quite ironic, wherein the post-apocalypse game is presented in a cheerful way! 

The interface and the designs in the games would definitely assume a lot of essence and importance. However, a few of the designers seem to undermine the essence and significance of the design. Just as the stock images from https://depositphotos.com/free-files-all.html  have been impressive in providing you with a great degree of performance excellence, the best gaming design will ensure that you are in for one of the prime experiences in achieving a far better degree of enjoying the game. We would assume that the select list of the best games and the perfect game designs outlined here should indeed be helpful in providing you with one of the prime experiences for your needs. 

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