2XKO To Have Multiple Playtests in 2024

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game 2XKO, formerly Project L, is said to have multiple Playtests in 2024.

2XKO is an upcoming new fighting game by the creator of League of Legends, Riot Games. Revealed in 2019, the game formerly known as Project L has now been rebranded to 2XKO.

2XKO will be a tag team fighter similar to games such as Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Marvel vs. Capcom. But unlike these titles, it will purely focus on 2v2 combat and will have both competitive and casual play. It will also feature a duo-play system that will allow up to four players to play together. Also confirmed by Riot, the game will have a rollback netcode, which will allow players to have a smoother experience.

Since its initial reveal in 2019, the game has generated quite a bit of hype. The smooth gameplay, art style, and combat left players wanting to play the game as soon as possible. Though Riot did showcase some additional gameplay in EVO 2023, some people were also able to experience the gameplay firsthand. However, not all were able to attend EVO 2023.

But fret not; in the latest Year in Preview 2024 video, Riot announced that players will be able to experience the game further throughout 2024.

More 2XKO in 2024

According to Riot, it’s a bit off from its full release, and there’s a lot Riot needs to improve. That’s why Riot is looking for community feedback for more improvements. The game was already showcased in EVO 2023 and led to tons of feedback from the players.

For 2024, Riot is looking for more community feedback, and thus, they are giving the player base more opportunities to play the game and bring more feedback.

The first chance players will be able to play the game is in vo Japan in April 2024. There, players will be able to test out the game firsthand. For those unable to join, Riot will be sharing their development progress online for everyone to see.

In addition, Riot hopes to start at-home playtesting before the end of the year. Players can also join in on at-home playtesting by signing up on the 2XKO official website.

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