WWE 2K23: All Confirmed Game modes

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Here are all the confirmed game modes coming to WWE 2K23.

The latest WWE game has new mechanics, better visuals, and new ways to wrestle with your favorite characters. Even though since 2020, the franchise has not flourished with its games, this year could be different as they look to redeem themselves in the eyes of their fans.

To do that, this year’s WWE game will bring in several modes for fans to enjoy. Some modes will join in from previous games with some tweaks and changes. While others are completely new and exclusive to WWE 2K23. If you are wondering how many modes there are in the game. You can check out our complete guide on it below:

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All Modes in WWE 2K23

There are a total of 5 different modes in WWE 2K23 that will be coming alongside the game. Each method will allow you to entertain yourself with different ways to wrestle with your character or your favorite wrestling characters. You can check out all the modes and what they offer below.

All Modes:

  • MyGM Mode
  • MyRISE mode
  • WWE 2K Showcase
  • Universe Mode
  • MyFACTION Mode

MyGM Mode

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One of the most requested modes in WWE was the manager mode, which will return this year. This mode will let you create your own WWE franchise, where you control what happens in the game, starting from setting up matches to hosting shows so that you can get your brand to the top. You can also take control of all the rivalries that will take place. The GM mode lets you experience firsthand what it was like to manage Triple H in the golden era of WWE that we all know and love.

MyRISE mode

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MyRise is just like the GM mode, but it lets you create your own WWE superstar and make your way to becoming a champion. You will be able to choose between a male or female rookie superstar and battle your way to make your own story and identity. You can complete different kinds of story missions, make choices, and take on your favorite wrestling superstars to become the best in the game. MyRise replaces MyCareer mode, but with twists and turns.

WWE 2K Showcase

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One of the most awaited modes of WWE 2K23 is the Showcase mode. This mode is a single-player mode that allows you to relive the most iconic matches ever held in the WWE. Just like in 2K22, which let players relive the battles of Rey Mysterio. This time around, it’s the Hustle, Royalty, and Respect himself. Yup, it’s the 16-time world champion, John Cena. Not only will you be able to use John Cena and relive those matches, but you will also be able to play as his opponents and understand what they went through during the fight.

Universe Mode

My Universe
Credits- 2K Games

Universe Mode is like a sandbox mode where you can do what you like with your superstars. You can create rivalries among players, do matchups with anyone you want, and make your desired superstar a champion. This game mode has been made to give you the ultimate WWE experience with unlimited customizations, helping you make the WWE universe you always wanted to create.


My Faction
Credits- 2K Games

The faction mode is a new mode that came out along with WWE 2K22, and being a fairly new mode, the devs are keeping their hopes on it to become a potential fan favorite this time. This mode allows you to make a team of WWE Superstars, with a twist of it being a card game.

You must defeat other factions and earn points here to collect cards. To keep its players interested, 2K Games is bringing multiplayer to this mode, where you will be able to play and interact with other players through weekly changes and events.

Overall, this year, WWE is bringing a new experience for its fans to enjoy and play. Apart from its game modes, if you are wondering how many trophies and Achievements the game has. Check out our complete guide here: WWE 2K23: All Trophies And Achievements.

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